Welcome Pokémon Masters!

CSN Library services would like to officially welcome all eagerly questing Pokémon, masters! Search among our stacks for a number of Pokémon, meet other players, and escape the heat.

Pokemon in the library

Just importantly, perhaps even most importantly, the CSN Libraries have charging stations, an invaluable asset for the Pokémon-seeker whose phone is drained by Pokémon seeking GPS! Don’t miss rare opportunities because of a dead battery!

Some quick tips for the beginner:

  • Use the Nearby tray to track nearby Pokémon! This works like a game of hot and cold: three foot prints, you’re cold, two and you’re warming up, one and your close! No foot print and your Pokémon should be right in front of you!
  • Catching a lot of the same Pokémon? Try spicing up the catch by spinning your Pokéball into a curveball by circling the Pokéball with your thumb before the throw. A catch with a curveball gets extra XP!
  • Watch out for the color of the circle when trying to catch your Poké If you’re struggling with a yellow circle (moderate difficulty) or red circle (very difficult), try using razz berries to distract them.


*post by Jessica Caseman: Pokémon trainer, unapologetic nerd, Library assistant