Basketball Legend and Psychological Reseacher?!

San Antonio Mayor has declared Thursday, July 21st as “Tim Duncan Day”

You may know Tim Duncan as a San Antonio Spurs basketball legend, five-time NBA champion, or the greatest power forward in NBA history, but did you know he was also once involved in the world of academic psychology?

You may also wonder why this has anything to do with basketball or writing a research paper. That’s a fair question. Tim Duncan is a legend even after we strip away all the fame in his career. He has this humbleness that is unseen not only in NBA but also in today’s society. What makes Timmy the way he is as a person? We may find some insights in a book he contributed, Aversive Interpersonal Behaviors (Call Number: HM132 .A95 1997, Lied Library, UNLV).  He helped write chapter 6, “Blowhards, Snobs, and Narcissists: Interpersonal Reactions to Excessive Egotism.”