All About Nevada Day!

Students who grow up in Nevada, or go to school here now, may love the fact that they get a day off during the weekend of Halloween, but there’s a lot of history behind the reason for our day off and long weekend.

The state holiday, “Nevada Day” is celebrated on the last Friday of October every year to commemorate the day Nevada became an official state on October 31, 1864. The holiday itself, however, didn’t come into being until 1933, when the Nevada legislature voted to make it happen.

In 2015, Nevada Senator Harry Reid released a statement for the celebration. He said, “Today we recognize the 151st anniversary of Nevada’s statehood. It is a time to reflect on Nevada’s storied history, its breathtaking beauty and the great things that lie ahead. Today we celebrate the Silver State’s pioneer spirit and the hardworking men and women who make up our great state.”

Senator Reid went on to highlight Nevada’s many great landmarks and diverse cultural heritages, and closed by wishing everyone a happy Nevada Day.

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