Information for International, DACA, and Undocumented Students

On Tuesday, February 21, Library Director Beth Schuck attended the CSN panel: “International, DACA, & Undocumented Students: Immigration Policy Going Forward. A Legal Information and Advice Forum.”

Her overview of the meeting that provided important information for students in need:

Lawyers from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and UNLV Law School on the panel conveyed a main message that anyone with non-citizen status should seek out a lawyer to get advice. That includes green card holders, DACA students and undocumented persons. It is better to be prepared than to have something happen and not know your options or not have your paperwork in order. Also, anyone without citizenship should not leave the country right now if at all possible.

The Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada was also present and can provide these services to anyone. CSN students can also seek assistance via the CSN Diversity Office.

If students would qualify for DACA, but have not yet applied, the lawyers said not to apply now. Doing so gives the Department of Homeland Security your address and contact information, which is not advised at this time. Current DACA students should likely renew their status if it is due to expire. They are already in the system so there is likely no downside. However, it is probably best to see a lawyer first for advice.

Policies and practices are changing daily. It was mentioned that checking with authentic sources (not your friends) is advised. The International Center at CSN is another resource for international students. The CSN All Access Committee website, as part of the Office of Community Relations, Diversity and Multicultural Affairs, also has great resources to find out the latest information.

If any students or family members have issues with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), please share these experiences with the Nevada ACLU. They can assist you in determining if your rights were violated. They recommend writing down everything that happens, including what was said and done during the encounter.

At the panel, the audience was told that it has been practice NOT to allow ICE onto school grounds including institutions of higher education (college). No one is certain if that practice will change.

Based on the recent executive orders, a traffic ticket (or simply being charged with a ticket) is now grounds for deportation depending on your immigration status, so the impact is real and happening.

Anthony Herrara from CSN is developing a Dream Zone training for CSN staff. This will allow CSN staff to know more about DACA and other immigration status information. More can be found on the All Access website, including how to join the All Access club that is currently looking for new members.

Brochures and legal aid materials from the event are now available on the West Charleston Campus Library Reference Desk while supplies last.