Stress Free Zone…Coming Soon to a Library Near You

Troopers at CSN

You never know who will show up at CSN during exam week.

It’s that time of year once again–Finals Week! The stress awakens! While that’s not quite as exciting as a Star Wars movie, it does mean that the asteroid field of homework and tests you’ve been navigating through all semester is almost behind you. And as you stay on target, the library is here to help you make it safely back to your own rebel base without getting eaten by a space slug (basically, we want you to survive to another semester–or graduation!)

Stop by any CSN campus library at the beginning of finals week (starting May 8) for freebies like pencils, snacks, and stress relievers you can squeeze. At some campus libraries, you might find therapeutic coloring stations and even LEGOs to keep you calm in stressful times. Go ahead and build that X-Wing or Starfighter you always dreamed of escaping in.

Did you see the therapy dogs that came to visit our libraries in March and April? As cute as R2-D2 and just as loyal, they came to help you de-stress too!  But if you missed the dogs, they’ll be back again this November to help students get ready for finals once again.

Even if all you need is a quiet space to study, the library has that too! And when our computers are full, ask at the Circulation Desk to check out a laptop for use inside the library. We have the technology of the future in the solitude of a galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars metaphors aside, just remember that the library is here for you! Drop by during finals week to study, de-stress, and maybe check out a Star Wars DVD to celebrate the end of exams. It’s not a trap!

Star Wars stress sign

Artwork by Zeta Jones