AFA Employee of the Month- December 2022- Richard Marshall

Richard Marshall

Richard Marshall works at the Henderson Campus Testing Center and graduated from CSN and UNLV before becoming full time CSN Employee in 2012. As a part of the Testing Center, Richard works with administration, faculty and students.

The Administrative Faculty Assembly would like to help you recognize the contributions of administrative and professional faculty at the College of Southern Nevada. If you know any administrative or professional faculty that you feel deserves to be recognized, please take a moment to fill out a short online nomination form. Please direct any questions to the AFA past chair, Nancy Stachura Webb

More information about the AFA, the Administrative Faculty Employee of the Month, and a list of previous recipients can be found on our website.

Nomination forms are due on the 15th of each month. It takes just a moment; please help recognize a hard-working colleague today! Please use this link to nominate. Thank you for helping to recognize the great work done by your friends and colleagues.

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