March 2020 CSN Chronicle

“The College of Southern Nevada empowers our students and communities to achieve, succeed, and prosper.”

  • CSN’s new Mission Statement

“CSN is recognized as a leader among community colleges in fostering student success, shared governance, and performance excellence.”

  • CSN’s new Vision Statement

Our new mission and vision statements were approved today by the NSHE Board of Regents. Together, they encapsulate our purpose in a few simple words, but they are more than that. To me, our mission affirms our focus on student learning and success in the classroom, in life, and in the economy. Our mission also affirms our responsibility and impact on our diverse communities.

Along with our new mission and vision statements, the Board also approved our revised strategic plan, which you are all aware we have been working extremely hard on. I want to thank everyone involved, particularly Patty Charlton and Dr. Joshua Levin, who led the strategic planning team and worked hard to ensure the plan reflects the needs of our students and our diverse communities.

Please take a moment to review the revised plan, which you will recall was put together with a great deal of input from our internal and external stakeholders. I am proud of what the team produced. This is more than a document, but rather a guide that lays out what we want to accomplish and how best to get there. In short: It is a roadmap to help ensure that we are always doing our best for our students.


In this issue:

  • NSHE Regents Meeting
  • Update: Important Coronavirus Precautions
  • CSN & Workforce Connections Partnership
  • Accreditation Update
  • Henderson Health & Science Building
  • MGM Foundation Supports Scholarships
  • 2020 Census
  • CSN Connections
  • Raymond Santana Comes to CSN
  • CSN Ombuds Coffee Corner
  • 48th Annual Commencement Ceremony
  • Spring 2020 Enrollment

NSHE Regents Meeting

The NSHE Board of Regents has been meeting on our Henderson Campus this week. I hope you got the opportunity to attend, as many important topics were discussed. In addition to approving our strategic plan and mi

ssion statement, as I discussed above, the Re

gents also approved several very important awards.

Update: Important Coronavirus Precautions

There is understandable concern regarding the coronavirus, and rest assured that CSN is taking the matter seriously. As of today, there have been no confirmed cases reported in Nevada — the Southern Nevada Health District did announce the first presumptive positive case of COVID-19 in a Clark County Resident. Test results are considered “presumptive positive” until the result is confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

At CSN, we have created a website,, to help keep the campus community up to date. You can see the latest news from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention there, as well as updates from the Southern Nevada Health District. You can also read about precautions that we are already taking at CSN.

There is growing fear and misinformation surrounding the coronavirus. CSN supports all students, faculty and staff members regardless of their ethnicity or background. We are committed to creating a campus free of bias. Students in need of support are encouraged to contact CAPS and all members of the CSN community should report acts of bias or discrimination to the Office of Institutional Equity & Title IX.

Additionally, should you have any questions or concerns about CSN’s precautions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Carey Sedlacek in Environmental Health & Safety at 702-651-4817.


CSN & Workforce Connections Partnership

We are pleased to announce a developing partnership between CSN and Workforce Connections of Las Vegas. Workforce Connections provides access to 17 community agencies and services to individuals seeking employment, housing, food and transportation support through a one-stop delivery system and several affiliate centers serving southern Nevada. CSN and Workforce Connections are joining forces to create one-stop service centers at CSN’s three student unions. The partnership is an important step in our efforts to eradicate equity gaps, scale resources and create seamless student services. As we continue to move forward together in our efforts to implement the multi-campus model, your continued support and collaboration is critical and greatly appreciated.

Discussions surrounding the addition of these exciting new wraparound services have been occurring for a number of months. Please read my blog post, linked below, to learn more about our implementation plans regarding some of our planned wraparound services.

As usual, we will keep you informed of our progress.

Read More on the President’s Blog


Accreditation Update

The CSN accreditation steering committee is actively working on collecting data to show mission fulfillment and institutional effectiveness for the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities as part of the formal accreditation process. The NWCCU’s accreditation standards have been updated this year. You may review them at the link below, and learn more about the accreditation process on our accreditation page. Please know that the full engagement of every faculty and staff member will be necessary for a successful accreditation process.

In the spring 2021 semester, we will submit our year six Policies, Regulations and Financial Review report. This will be followed in spring 2022 when we submit our year seven Evaluation of Institutional Effectiveness report. All of this is in preparation for the formal site visit from NWCCU in the fall of 2022.

See the 2020 NWCCU Accreditation Standards

CSN/NSC Health & Science Building

Construction has already begun on the new Health & Science building on our Henderson Campus, which will be operated by CSN and Nevada State.

I am so pleased that the CSN Foundation was able to raise $6 million to contribute to the health and science building on our Henderson Campus. The funds came from community leaders and our own CSN employees, so thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do. As you know, this building will be a game changer for our students when it opens in fall 2021, as it will support the workforce demand in the region for skilled nurses and will expand biology classes so students can move through their program of study faster.

MGM Foundation Supports Scholarships

I want to offer my sincere thanks to the employees of MGM and the MGM Foundation for their generous support of CSN High School with a $40,000 grant toward scholarships. Combined with previous donations, the MGM Foundation’s gifts will now support 60 CSN High School students who are working on obtaining associate degrees before they even graduate high school! Thank you, MGM, on behalf of our students.

2020 Census

As you know, 2020 is a Census year and I’m pleased to be working with our other NSHE institutions and the 2020 Nevada Statewide Census Complete Count Committee to make sure all of our students are counted. Participating in the Census opens opportunities to bring valuable resources to our community. Participating in the Census, which is free, fast and confidential, can help bring in more than $67 billion in funding. CSN will be working to host Census Days of Action on campus, in coordination with student government, and I encourage each of you to take part.

It’s important to note, the Census will not ask for personal information like citizenship status, or ask for a donation. To learn more, visit


CSN Connections

Thank you to all the CSN staff who volunteered at our Spring 2020 Connections events. This is a proud tradition for CSN and helps connect our students to the college. Our staff goes above and beyond each year to make sure our students are taken care of, included cooking up thousands of burgers and hotdogs for them. Thank you all!

Raymond Santana Comes to CSN

I was so pleased to attend the first Den Talk speaker series with Raymond Santana Jr, one of the five men convicted of the 1989 sexual assault of a woman jogging in Central Park. The men were all later exonerated and have become known as “The Exonerated Five.” The daylong visit was an important opportunity for our students and staff to learn from Mr. Santana. The evening culminated with intimate question and answer session led by our very own Natalie Nelson, who is Mr. Santana’s cousin. The Nicholas J. Horn theatre was completely full, and we opened an overflow room to welcome all those who came. Thank you to all those involved in planning this event, including student government and Sean Tory.

CSN Ombuds Coffee Corner

Chief Information Officer Mugunth Vaithylingam will join the Ombuds Coffee Corner from 9 to 10 a.m. on March 12 in the Charleston Campus Student Union for an informal gathering with coffee and doughnuts. Please take this chance to stop by, chat with the CIO and the Ombuds and enjoy some coffee.

Find out all the details

48th Annual Commencement Ceremony

Mark your calendar, our 2020 Commencement Ceremony will take place on Monday May 18 at 6 p.m. at UNLV’s Thomas & Mack Center. Commencement is my favorite event of the year and I hope to see you all there as we watch our students graduate and head into the world to prosper.


Spring 2020 Enrollment

Please review the latest enrollment report at the link below. This updated report reflects our spring enrollment through March 2. Visit the Institutional Research web page to see additional enrollment and institutional data.

See the Enrollment Report

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Board of Regents Awards Tenure

Congratulations to the 23 faculty and staff members who were awarded Tenure today by the Nevada System of Higher Education’s Board of Regents. This is a major milestone for each of them.

  • Dr. Patricia A. Armour, Dental Sciences, Diagnostic Evaluation & Rehabilitation Services
  • Lorraine U. Brown, Health Related Professions
  • Dr. Amy J. Chaffin, Nursing
  • Dr. Kenneth E. Fernandez, Social Sciences
  • Dr. Katherina J. Fontanilla, Nursing
  • Dr. Melissa K. Giovanni, Physical Sciences
  • Dr. David A. Hanley Tejeda, Communication
  • Dr. Aaron B. Harris, Mathematics
  • Keith A. Hess, Social Sciences
  • Dr. John W. Howard, Physical Sciences
  • Damon S. Lasiter, World Languages
  • Andrzej M. Lenard, Mathematics
  • Ramona J. Panter, Nursing
  • Phillip J. Pedote, Hospitality Management
  • Darryl A. Raiford, Accounting, Finance & Computer Office Technology
  • Lawrence A. Rodis, Computing & Information Technology
  • Anne C. Sagel, English
  • Dr. Beth A. Seacord, Social Sciences
  • Dr. Mark Taormino, Computing & Information Technology
  • Constance A. Toney-Jackson, Computing & Information Technology
  • Chelsi M. Walls, Communication
  • Dr. Brett A. Winkelhake, Business
  • Dr. Nicholas G. K. Wong, Mathematics

Congratulations are also in order for CSN student Jennifer Stevens, named the Regents’ Scholar, Mark Wherry, the director of vocal music at CSN, who was awarded the Nevada Regents’ Creative Activities Award and Cris Aguilar, surgical technology instructor, who was awarded the Nevada Regent’s Teaching Award.

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Community Partnership 30-Day Action Items

Challenges:  What problems in our system block services? How do they show up?

  • CSN’s Division of Workforce and Economic Development (DWED) reported that there are about 5,000 students under the Division of Apprenticeship Studies. About 2,800 of them can register for classes, while the rest have either holds or are classified out of state.
  • Childcare is greatly needed; either low fees or free. There should also be an option for students to drop children off as an after-school type system or when students need to study or take classes.
  • There are stigmas and myths surrounding welfare.
  • CSN does not have a streamlined process to identify needs with one shared intake form.
  • Resources are housed in different areas and not everyone knows about all of them, including faculty, staff and students
  • We must identify how to disseminate all of the information.
  • There is limited or no data collaboration or sharing among the 17 agency partners and within CSN.
  • Some services are duplicated even with the same agencies.
  • Students do not know that they need a budget to be successful during and after college.
  • Nevada does not have all partners under one umbrella (150 million budget).
  • There is difficulty streamlining services among multiple partners within and external to the college.
  • Students and participants must complete multiple forms or applications due to a lack of system integration among state agencies.
  • Student work hours and school schedules interfere or prevent time to connect with resources.
  • There is limited transportation to off-campus resources.
  • The availability of childcare and funding is limited.
  • Some students have housing and food deficiencies.

Gaps: Why are students falling through the cracks if so many resources and services are available? What does the data say? 

  • Nevada does not have all 17 state agencies under one funding umbrella. Workforce Connections, One-Stop Center links participants to services but the 17 agencies have no integrated system or single application.
  • It is unclear how students want to be helped, how students want to learn about the resources and how they want to be notified of services.
  • The information pipeline is broken.
  • No student survey to find out how students want to be assisted when they are facing challenges, how they want to be notified of services and how to increase their awareness of services.
  • MyCoyotePLAN is not utilized, at the point of admission, as a Student Intake Survey to help students self-identify their needs and link to timely resources on or off campus.
  • There is no CSN Resources webpage with both campus and community partners’ services.
  • There is no current comprehensive Community Services Resource Guide available.
  • Employees must be trained on available campus and community resources.

Opportunities: What is the desired state?

  • Pre-screen needs at the admission application point.
  • Grant override access to CSN core stakeholders to remove the First Steps holds for DWED participants; coordinate with Director of Advising.
  • Send “E-Alerts” as soon as students signs up for classes via text.
  • Develop a SIMPLE webpage introducing the resources on and off campus, along with contacts and office hours/appointment availability.
  • Cross train CSN Counselors, Workforce Connections, faculty and other key stakeholders on basic services available.
  • Develop new partnerships with community agencies on and off campus.
  • Provide students with easy access to resources and agencies that provide a variety of services.
  • Embed Operation Hope – DWED Financial planning classes to reach more students and community in need.
  • Tittle I – DWED provides bus passes.

30-Day Action Items:

CSN action items:

Sponsor: Charleston Campus Vice President & Provost Sonya Pearson

  • Modify CSN admission application to include a short intake questionnaire to gather information on student needs. Counselors can work with various stakeholders to contact students and help provide timely services. Other campus departments (Advising, FA, Tutoring, etc. can refer students to the questionnaire to help connect students to resources and counselors).
  • Contact Webmaster to discuss a process to create new webpage and how to obtain access.
  • Create a needs assessment or MyPathWay.
  • Create a shared landing page with Workforce Connections.
  • Create shared Resource Hotline with Workforce Connections.
  • Marketing plan, create brief promo video and PR that highlights resources.
  • Develop a marketing plan for communicating the partnership to faculty, staff and students.

Sponsor: Henderson Campus Vice President & Provost Patty Charlton

  • Invite all 17 agencies within or coordinate with Workforce Connections to present on their services.
  • Set dates with the Division of Welfare and Supportive Services to come out and deliver a “Myth Busting/Stigma on Welfare” workshop and also do on-the-spot applications.
  • Create a community resource book and a CSN website for wraparound services to supports student even if they do not take classes on campus.
  • Develop Employee Resource Manual – make it part of the Onboarding Orientation resources.
  • Research if CSN faculty can to develop a mobile resource app.
  • Develop CSN Binder/Directory of all services (for partnership participants).
  • Develop a one page or pamphlet of services (brief description of services).

 Sponsor: North Las Vegas Campus Vice President & Provost Clarissa Cota

  • Identify the human resources (staff needed) to lead the effort and complete the projects.
  • Create a Workforce Connections and CSN Resource and Career Fairs.
  • CSN will offer RTC pilot program this spring: One-way, nonstop WCH to NLV to east Library to NSC.
  • DWED contact Advising to get access for hold releasing.

Community partners action items:

  • Develop a list of emergency housing contacts.
  • Develop a list of transportation contacts.

Community partnership work session participants:

  • Workforce Connections
  • Nevada Division of Welfare and Supportive Services
  • Operation Hope
  • Accessible Spaces Incorporated, LLC
  • Counseling
  • Career Services
  • DWED
  • Campus Life
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Upcoming Multi-campus District Projects

This is an exciting transition for the College of Southern Nevada. As we continue efforts to implement the multi-campus model your support and collaboration is important and greatly appreciated.

As CSN positions itself to close gaps in student retention and completion, the transition plan will require focused attention on Student Enrollment Management (“SEM”). The counseling team has identified opportunities to help advance the college’s priorities of helping student graduate, complete, transfer and prosper. The Campus Vice Presidents and Provosts are responsible for directing and monitoring the results of the following initiatives at their respective campuses.

The goal is to enhance the system to support our operations and help us deliver support services more efficiently. The Counseling Department Program Leads will oversee four important projects.  During the next 30 days, the Program Leads will share updates and solicit feedback to ensure resources and processes are easier to navigate and more accessible.

Open houses will be held monthly, in which Interim Chair Valerie Conner and Program Leads welcome faculty, staff and students to learn about and comment on the departments services. The information below provides a snapshot of the 30-day plan and assigned leads.

E-Alert: Lead – Amy Palmer

  • Coordinate with OTS and Student Affairs to increase system automated workflow and assignments for referrals and alerts.
  • Coordinate with OTS and Student Affairs to modify E-alert system to remove unnecessary flags.
  • Consult with Faculty Senate, add E-Alert link to Canvas shell.
  • Consult with Faculty Senate, add E-Alert Kudos link to Canvas.
  • Consult with Faculty Senate, develop and E-Alert training program and modules (online and in person) and link to CSN web and Canvas.
  • Consult with Department Chairs, schedule department information sessions.
  • Develop an E-alert Guide.

Wrap Around Services: Lead – Luis Ortega

  • Coordinate with Research and Planning and Nevada Promise Program to develop reports of Promise Students with lost eligibility.
  • Coordinate with the Promise Program, Advising, First Year Experience for the following populations: 1) applied & accepted and 2) applied, not accepted.
  • Coordinate with Marketing & Communications and the Office of Technology Services teams to develop automated email communication to Nevada Promise Students who lost eligibility and connect students to Workforce Connections paid training program and promote late registration, late start and early registration options.
  • Coordinate with OTS to develop a community resources web landing page.
  • Collaborate with Recruiting, Advising and FYE connect with students who applied but not accepted in NV Promise or enrolled at CSN.
  • Coordinate with Campus Life, Student Affairs and Student Government to increase services through the food pantry and access to on-campus wrap around services with Workforce Connections, Operation Hope, Department of Health and Human Services, DWED, Accessible Spaces Inc., UNLV Immigration Law services.
  • Coordinate with Assessment and Planning to develop a student survey to obtain more information about the services students need.
  • Coordinate with Student Government, Multicultural Center and Campus Life and Leadership Development to conduct focus group discussion.
  • Coordinate with OTS to create a student feedback to learn more about the student experiences.

Co-curricular Programs: Lead – Esther Pla-Cazares

  • Coordinate with Promise Program, Multicultural Center and Campus Life and Leadership Development staff to develop workshop to connect with Promise Program and Bump Up and other students at risk of early withdrawal.
  • Coordinate with OTS to develop a centralized schedule of co-curricular programs on the web.
  • Coordinate with Assessment and Planning and CSN Leadership Academy team to develop pre/post assessment survey based on institutional student learning outcomes.
  • Connect with innovative educators to link webinars/ “Go To” knowledge page to co-curricular workshop page.
  • Develop co-curricular programs and workshops to reach and support target populations with higher withdrawal rates (African American and Native American students).

Mentoring: Lead – Shawn Claxton

  • Coordinate with counselors to develop a mentoring program.
  • Assign counselors to at-risk population of students (academic probation, warning or suspension, Financial Aid warning or suspension along with Nevada Promise and Bump Up students).
  • Coordinate with Promise Program and Multicultural Center to expand the mentoring program to more CSN students.
  • Partner with Nevada Promise program and Multicultural Center to develop pre-post assessment survey for mentor assignments.
  • Partner with Nevada Promise program to develop mentoring program/standards that align with institutional student learning outcomes.
  • Coordinate with prison education program staff to create a mentoring bridge program to increase student matriculation and access to wrap around services.


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January & February 2020 CSN Chronicle

January & February 2020 Chronicle

Welcome to the beginning of our 2020 Spring Semester. I hope you are rested and ready to continue on our students first agenda. As I discussed during convocation, we are making amazing progress on our journey to performance excellence. I want you to know that CSN is one of the most improved colleges of our size in the country! Because of all of your hard work, I am so pleased to report that we are on target to reach a combined 40 percent graduation and transfer rate.  Our most recent IPEDS data show that we have graduation rates of 14 percent and a 26 percent transfer rate! This puts us well on our way to reaching the NSHE goal of 49.5 percent by 2025. This data is proof that your hard work is paying off and we should all celebrate the progress we are making in our student success efforts. I thank you on behalf of all our students and Southern Nevada stakeholders.

See our detailed presentation from last month’s Board of Regents meeting, read more on the Newsroom blog, watch the Convocation event online, and download the Convocation PowerPoint presentation.

In this issue:

  • MLK Parade
  • University Legal Services 
  • Latin Chamber Luncheon 
  • Campus Commuter 
  • Chief Human Resources Officer
  • CSN Leadership Academy
  • Student Email Changes
  • Mariachi Plata
  • Holiday Party
  • Dr. Paul E. Meacham
  • Enrollment Report

Martin Luther King Jr. Parade

Nearly 100 CSN students, faculty and staff participated in the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Parade in downtown Las Vegas last month. It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed spending time at this meaningful event with our students, who showed off their dance moves all morning long. The CSN float was organized by the African American Heritage Committee, led by Campus Life Development Coordinator Sean Tory. A big thanks to all those who helped make this parade a success.

University Legal Services

I’m pleased to let you know that the UNLV Immigration Clinic is now offering its services to all CSN faculty, staff and students. The clinic opened in 2018 and recently expanded to include CSN. The clinic can provide help on a variety of immigration issues, including DACA renewals, deportation issues and children’s rights. We held a wonderful event on Thursday night where community members were able to come in for free legal help. My thanks to Gov. Steve Sisolak, NSHE Chancellor Thom Reilly, UNLV President Marta Meana, UNLV Boyd School of Law Dean Daniel Hamilton, Immigration Clinic Director Michael Kagan, North Las Vegas Campus Vice President & Provost Clarissa Cota and everyone who helped make the event such a success.

Latin Chamber Luncheon

Recently I was able to share the good news about CSN with members of the Las Vegas Latin Chamber of Commerce. The state of CSN is strong and our future is bright. I know that many of the small businesses in our community struggle to hire the best local talent. We are working very hard here at CSN to make that a thing of the past and our numbers are telling. As I noted above, our graduation rates have doubled from 7 percent in 2016 to 14 percent in 2021 and our transfer rate has increased from 15 percent to 26 percent in the same time period. I am always pleased to share the good work happening at CSN with our Southern Nevada community. For more on the Chamber luncheon, see the CSN Newsroom article.

Campus Commuter

I hope you all have seen the new Campus Commuter shuttles on our campuses, which we are piloting in partnership with Nevada State College to help solve a transportation issue faced by many of our students. As the program launches, rides are free of charge to both CSN and NSC students. There are two routes with stops at all three CSN campuses, the East Las Vegas Library and NSC’s campus in Henderson. Many thanks to those who have helped put our students first in this endeavor and learn more about this program by visiting

Chief Human Resources Officer

I am thrilled to welcome Dr. Bill Dial to CSN as our new Chief Human Resources Officer. As I noted in my earlier announcement, the previous candidate for this position withdrew acceptance of our offer. Dr. Dial’s first day at CSN will be this Monday, February 3. He brings with him a wealth of experience in human resources, joining us from Metropolitan Community College in Kansas City, where he served in the same position. Previously, he had served in human resources leadership roles for more than 10 years at Richland College in Dallas and Red Rocks Community College in Lakewood, Colorado.

Dr. Dial holds a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville; a master of science in human resources management from Lindenwood University in St. Louis; and a Ph.D. in organizational management from Capella University in Minneapolis. For more about Dial, please see his resume.

Please join me in welcoming him to the CSN family.

CSN Leadership Academy

I am pleased to offer my congratulations to the first cohort of CSN employees in the CSN Leadership Academy. The academy will be a wonderful personal reflection and development opportunity. It utilizes the well-regarded 7 Habits of Highly Effective People model of principle-based leadership, and concentrates on proactivity, strengthening time management, ethical decision-making, and communication competency.

There were more than 140 applications submitted! The first cohort began last month and cohorts will begin in fall 2020 and spring 2021 semesters as well. Those cohorts will be announced at a later date. Those who started in January include:

Dora Reyes John Rios Kenneth Roman
Taylor Cayro Carla Wright Ashley Snipes
Dana Phillips Shawn Claxton Annette Lord
Angel Clemons Emily King Michelle Chan
Paula Bourne Karen Ahern Angela Nelson-Swearingen
Nancy Swanson Alicia Briancon Kayla Buscher
Theresa Pugh Michael Schoenberger Tamara Flores-Sahagun
Sabrina Cruz David Leavell Marissa Robledo
Rachel Garcia Robert Bonora Sherida Devine
Eileen Hamilton Phillip Dixon Carolyn Wright

Student Email Changes

Starting on February 1, all official communications coming from CSN to active students will be directed only to the official, CSN-issued email address that you were assigned when you created your account. Please start checking this email account starting now to ensure that you are able to see important notifications that come from CSN. Read more online.

Mariachi Plata

What an amazing celebration of our students! In December, we celebrated our new competitive Mariachi Plata with an incredible performance in the Horn Theatre. Prior to the performance on the North Las Vegas Campus, our students took home third place in a national mariachi competition in San Antonio, Texas, and students Jose Mejia and Precious Carrasco took first and second, respectively, in the vocalist competition. The sold-out concert was truly a community event, featuring performances from a number of local mariachis. You can read see an album of photos on the CSN Facebook page. (As a reminder, you do not need a Facebook account to view these photos) and see their performance on YouTube.

Holiday Party

It was truly a pleasure to celebrate the holidays with the CSN family last month. The events team did a wonderful job transforming the Charleston Campus student union ballrooms into a beautiful space to celebrate the hard work and dedication of our faculty and staff to make sure students succeed. I was honored to present a $500 gift card to CSN student Cecilia Belio, who won the inaugural contest and designed this year’s beautiful holiday card. Belio is studying sonography at CSN and uses her artwork as a way to relax and destress. Please see photos from our holiday party here.


Dr. Paul E. Meacham

As you know, the CSN community mourned the loss of former CSN President Paul E. Meacham in December. Dr. Meacham was a very influential figure in the CSN history, as our first African-American president and the longest tenured president at CSN. The student services building on our Charleston Campus is named in honor of Dr. Meacham’s dedication to our students. Read more about Dr. Meacham here.


Enrollment Report

Please review the latest enrollment report at the link below. This updated report reflects our spring enrollment through January 28. Visit the Institutional Research web page to see additional enrollment and institutional data. See the enrollment report.


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Posters Found at the CSN Henderson Campus

Dear CSN Family,

This is to inform you that several posters were placed this week on CSN and NSC bulletin boards that expressed a message contrary to the values of inclusion and cultural diversity that we celebrate at CSN. While CSN respects the right of free expression, we must follow posting rules which are guided by the NSHE policy on Freedom of Expression. This policy embraces the principles of free expression while also encouraging inclusivity, diversity and critical thinking. As a result, these bulletins were removed.

In the spirit of diversity and inclusion, I would like to remind the CSN family that in the coming weeks CSN will celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. and host several events surrounding Black History Month. I hope you will join us.

Thank you for all you do for our students.


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Fulbright Opportunities for Faculty and Staff

This message is sent on behalf of Carol Fimmen, Director of International Programs:

Dear Colleagues,

The CSN International Office would like to invite faculty and staff to participate in upcoming webinars and learn more about various Fulbright opportunities. Through these sessions, you will learn about the opportunity we have to bring scholars from many countries around the world to give lectures and presentations for our faculty, staff and students. You will also learn about opportunities to go abroad and participate in the Fulbright programs. After you view these webinars, I will be happy to meet with you and discuss the details.

  • Fulbright Outreach Lecturing Fund
  • The Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program
  • Fulbright U.S. Scholar Opportunities in Western Hemisphere
  • Fulbright U.S. Scholar Opportunities in Europe and Eurasia

Have a great semester and please do not hesitate to contact me or stop by my office anytime.


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Chief Human Resources Officer

Dear CSN Family,

Bill Dial I wanted to let you know that Chief Human Resources Officer candidate Tracey Cleveland has withdrawn her acceptance of our offer for personal and family reasons. We wish her well.

I am pleased to report that we had a highly qualified pool of applicants and that the search committee had recommended two applicants to the hiring committee. Thus, we were able to expediently hire Dr. Bill Dial to

be our new Senior Associate Vice President of Human Resources and Chief Human Resources Officer. He is expected to begin in his new role on February 1; his first day in the office will be February 3.

Dr. Dial joins CSN from Metropolitan Community College in Kansas City, where he served in the same position. Previously, he had served in human resources leadership roles for more than 10 years at Richland College in Dallas and Red Rocks Community College in Lakewood, Colorado.

Dr. Dial holds a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville; a Master of Science in Human Resources Management from Lindenwood University in St. Louis; and a Ph.D. in Organizational Management from Capella University in Minneapolis. For more about Dial, please see his resume here.

Please join me in welcoming him to the CSN family.

Thank you.


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Information on Multi-Campus Reorganizations

The CSN Counselors
I am pleased to authorize the consensus recommendations of the Counseling Department, Faculty Senate, Executive Council, and Campus Vice Presidents and Provosts to proceed with the permanent transition of the CSN Counseling Department and policy amendment for a permanent chair.

Per the October 11 and November 8, 2019 Faculty Senate endorsements, the counselors are permanently transitioning to the multi-campus structure and reporting to the Charleston Campus Vice President and Provost in coordination with the vice presidents and provosts on the Henderson and North Las Vegas campuses, providing daily campus administrative support. In alignment with the multi-campus plan, CSN counselors are moving from a model that promotes access to enrollment to one that supports access to completion.

The counselors will assume a leadership role in providing wraparound support and retention services aligned with Areas of Study and Student Union one-stop student success service center (suite 127). The relocations of four counselors at Charleston will free faculty offices spaces in Building E (2), Building H (1), and Building B (1). Kudos to the Counseling Department and new leadership.

  • Valerie Conner, Interim Department Chair at Charleston Campus
  • Shawn Claxton, Charleston Campus Program Lead
  • Luis Ortega, Henderson Campus Program Lead
  • Amy Palmer, Henderson Campus Early Alert Program Developer
  • Esther Pla-Cazares, North Las Vegas Campus Program Lead

Campus Student Life Coordinators and Administrative Support
With a focus on increasing student engagement and integrating support services, the campus student life coordinators and their administrative support staff will be permanently moved under the multi-campus structure. The campus student life coordinators and student union managers will serve as the primary administrators within the student unions in coordination with the vice presidents and provosts on the Charleston, Henderson and North Las Vegas campuses. Please join me in congratulating and supporting the Campus Student Life staff in their transition.

  • Charleston Campus – Racquel Melson, Campus Life Coordinator, and Juanita Sowell Administrative Assistant
  • North Las Vegas Campus – Sean Tory, Campus Student Life Coordinator, and Shakira Chesebro Administrative Assistant
  • Henderson Campus – Marissa Robledo, Campus Student Life Coordinator, and TBD Administrative Assistant

Dental Faculty Practice
In consultation with the Nevada Board of Dental Examiners Director, Deborah Schaffer and supported by the Faculty Senate, the CSN Dental Faculty Practice has realigned under the college multi-campus structure reporting to the Charleston Campus Vice President and Provost.

Dr. Margo Martin as Vice President of Academic Affairs will serve as the administrator for the Dental Hygiene and Dental Assisting Programs. Janice Glasper, interim Dean of Health Sciences will have dual reporting and provide academic leadership for the DFP and Dental Hygiene and Dental Assistant programs. Drs. Martin and Pearson will work in coordination with Dean Glasper to maintain clinical options for the Dental Hygiene and Dental Assistant students. Dr. Widdison will continue as the Dental Director and administrator over day-to-day operations of the DFP services.

Service Area Administration
The Campus Vice Presidents and Provosts have assumed administrative oversight for the CSN sites. The Campus Vice Presidents and Provosts will continue to work with the Program Administrators and staff to support the operations. The service areas align as follows:

VP/Provost Pearson, Charleston Service Area
Summerlin High Tech Center
Sahara West Facility
Western High Tech Center

VP/Provost Charlton, Henderson Service Area
Green Valley High Tech Center
Boulder City
Southwest Las Vegas
Water Street Center Operations

VP/Provost Cota, North Las Vegas Service Area
Nellis Air Force Base
Mesquite and Moapa
CSN community, we have reached another important turning point in our planning and Shared Governance process. Thank you to everyone who has supported this important work.

Posted on behalf of the Campus Vice Presidents and Provosts

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CSN Statement on the Passing of CSN President Emeritus Dr. Paul E. Meacham

CSN President Emeritus Dr. Paul E. Meacham

December 9, 2019 – College of Southern Nevada president Dr. Federico Zaragoza released the following statement today on the passing of former CSN president Dr. Paul E. Meacham:

“The entire CSN family wishes to express our deepest condolences to Dr. Meacham’s family,” Zaragoza said. “Dr. Meacham was a giant in CSN’s past who changed the lives of thousands of college students. His legacy will continue to shape the college and the state of Nevada for generations to come.”

Meacham was CSN’s longest serving president and its first African American president, overseeing the college at a time of tremendous growth. He spearheaded the effort to build the much-needed Charleston campus, now the college’s largest campus.

Meacham was born in rural Alabama in 1936. He worked his way up to prominence on the national higher education stage. After many years as a college and high school band director, he served in executive positions in the Dallas County Community College District and in the Austin, Texas Community College System.

In 1983, he was named the fourth president of what was then Clark County Community College, which later became the Community College of Southern Nevada during his tenure, and later still the College of Southern Nevada. Dr. Meacham served as the college’s president until 1994, to this day the longest tenure of any leader at the state’s largest higher education institution.

After leaving CSN, Dr. Meacham spent another nine years in higher education as a tenured professor at UNLV.  He was later named a professor emeritus at UNLV and president emeritus at CSN.

In 2015, CSN named the student services building on the Charleston Campus the Paul E. Meacham Student Services Building in honor of his steadfast dedication to the college and its students.

A viewing is scheduled for 3-7 p.m. Sunday, December 15 at Davis Funeral Home, 6200 South Eastern Avenue, and a memorial service is scheduled for 11 a.m. Thursday, December 19 at Mountain View Presbyterian Church, 8601 Del Webb Blvd.

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