September 2019 Chronicle

September 2019​​ 

Welcome​​ back everyone! I know we are all energized to have faculty and students back on our campuses. I am looking forward to another year of putting our students first and moving our performance excellence agenda forward.

We have several updates and some news for you this month including highlights of our informative yet fun-filled convocation session. I especially enjoyed the student engagement and the CSN family awards section of the program that recognized our outstanding faculty and staff. Thank you in advance for putting students​​ first. ​​ 

-​​ Federico


In this issue:

  • Campus Safety

  • University Police Services Test

  • Convocation & Awards

  • Multi-Campus Update

  • Student Unions Now Open

  • Urban Chamber Luncheon​​ 

  • Chief HR Officer

  • Chief Information Officer

  • Salary Study Update

  • Fall 2019 Enrollment Report


Read the​​ President’s Blog


Campus Safety ​​ 

As I mentioned last week, CSN has issued an emergency removal letter regarding the student who was arrested during the incident on the Henderson Campus on August 28. The effect of this action is that the student is now prohibited from entering any CSN or NSHE campus until there is a hearing and a full investigation.


I want to personally thank the police officers on the scene, as well as Chief Darryl Caraballo, Associate Vice President & Director of University Police Services Adam Garcia and especially the bystanders who reported what they saw to the police. Communication between law enforcement and college administration was rapid, transparent and effective. Once police had determined the situation presented no further danger to our campus or our faculty, staff and students, we quickly followed our communications protocols and disseminated as much information to the campus community as possible.​​ 


While any immediate danger is over, there is still an active investigation ongoing. You may have noticed that there is an increased police presence on all of our campuses. I pledge to keep you informed once the investigation is complete as to its status, and as we consider other measures to increase safety on all our campuses.


We all owe a debt of gratitude to our law enforcement team for their handling of this situation, and for the day-to-day activities they perform on our behalf.​​ 



University Police Services Test ​​ 

As a reminder, University Police Services will be conducting an emergency alert test at 10 a.m. Wednesday, September 12. You are automatically enrolled to receive emergency notifications. If you have not yet done so, please download the​​ CSN Mobile Safety app​​ and encourage students you may encounter to do so as well.​​ 





Visit UPD South​​ to Learn More


Multi-Campus Update

As we move into our first semester with new leadership in place for each campus, I am excited to more fully develop the multi-campus district model. I know our campus leaders are as well, and you are encouraged to reach out to them with your welcome messages, questions or concerns you may have about your campus. Each campus vice president & provost has expressed to me their eagerness to hear from you.


Please read more on my blog​​ at the link below, including how to contact the campus vice presidents and staffing news related to the multi-campus model.

Read the Full Blog Post


Convocation & Awards ​​​​ 

I wanted to again thank all those who came to our Fall 2019 Convocation Kickoff & State of the​​ College event last month at Texas Station. You can see​​ photos of the event here​​ (You do not need a Facebook account to view these pictures). I am particularly proud of the students who​​ participated, including those who​​ presented their research conducted in the​​ SEA-PHAGES program​​ and the​​ CSN Concert Dance Company.


I​​ also want to​​ congratulate the winners of the President’s Distinguished Employee of the Year & Excellence Awards.​​ 


Distinguished Administrative Faculty of the Year

Sherri Payne

Distinguished Full-Time Faculty of the Year

John Aliano

Distinguished Part-Time Faculty of the Year

Michelle Dominguez

Excellence in Assessment

Brian Schmidt

Excellence in Online Teaching

Jim Matovina & Theri Wyckoff

Excellence in Service to CSN

Kody Lightfoot & Vanessa Winn


Be sure to nominate a colleague for next year’s award, and look for information about the Regents’ Awards​​ on the IRC’s website​​ below.

Nominate Someone for a Regents’ Award


Student Unions are Now Open!

I hope you all have taken a moment to see our new student unions. I am so pleased to have a new, welcoming space for our students to socialize and study. As noted, the unions will be open from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday to Thursday, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Fridays,​​ and they will be closed on weekends. Events in the union can be booked through 25Live. Student-focused events will receive priority booking. I’d like to extend a big thank you and well done to the team that helped get these buildings up and running.​​ 

Book Your Event Now


Urban Chamber Luncheon

I was​​ very pleased to join the​​ Urban Chamber of Commerce​​ last month for a discussion of how CSN supports small businesses in the community.


Joining me were Executive Director of Workforce and Economic Development Ricardo Villalobos, Business Professor Kevin Raiford and Associate Vice President of​​ Procurement and Auxiliary Services​​ Rolando Mosqueda.​​ 


As you know, it is a vital part of CSN’s mission to ensure that we align our programs to the needs of the local business community. I am proud to partner with the Urban Chamber as we work together to ensure that our young people not only get the education they deserve, but also have the opportunities after graduation to prosper in our community.

Read More About​​ the Luncheon


Chief HR Officer

As you know, we are in the recruiting process for a new Senior Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer. The deadline for receipt of applications is September 20. Our search consultant, Gold Hill Associates, will then perform a minimum qualifications review, to be followed by a screening committee review. By mid-October, Skype interviews will be underway, with on-campus interviews of the finalists in late October and early November. As always, we will keep you informed as the process moves forward.​​ 

Read the Full​​ Job Description


Chief​​ Information Officer

I am pleased to let you know that​​ after a nationwide search, we have​​ hired​​ Mugunth Vaithylingam​​ as CSN’s Chief Information Officer.​​ You will recall that the​​ IT Assessment​​ completed by Huron Consulting recommended that we hire a full-time Chief Information Officer as a CSN employee, rather than as an employee of an outside contractor. Mugunth​​ has been with us​​ in​​ that role for​​ more than 10 years, so we can all be confident that​​ this will be a​​ smooth transition. Please join me in congratulating Mugunth.



Salary Study Update

Work between CSN and Gallagher Consulting continues on the salary study for administrative and academic Faculty. Although the process is taking longer than we anticipated, we are making progress. Please note that any salary increases that result will be retroactive to July 1, 2019. Please direct any questions you have in an email to​​ Ayesha Kidd, Interim Chief Human Resources Officer. The President, and his executive council, Human Resources, and the Salary Study Committee are dedicated to completing the study. We appreciate your patience and understanding.



Fall 2019 Enrollment Update

Please review the latest enrollment report at the link below. This updated report reflects our fall enrollment through​​ September 2, 2019. Visit the​​​​ Institutional Research​​ web page​​ to see additional enrollment and institutional data

See the​​ Enrollment​​ Report


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An Update on our Multi-Campus Transition

As we move into our first semester with new leadership in place for each campus, I am excited to more fully develop the multi-campus district model. I know our campus leaders are as well, and you are encouraged to reach out to them with your welcome messages, questions or concerns you may have about your campus. Each campus vice president & provost has expressed to me their eagerness to hear from you.

You will have an opportunity on each campus in the coming weeks to attend an informal chat with them over coffee and doughnuts, so please look for details on those events soon. You may also contact them through their executive assistants:

  • Charleston Campus, Dr. Sonya Pearson, Acting Executive Assistant Annette Lord, 702-651-7381
  • Henderson Campus, Patty Charlton, Executive Assistant Jennifer Karuhn, 702-651-3598
  • North Las Vegas Campus, Clarissa Cota, Acting Executive Assistant Cecilia Gonzalez, 702-651-4149

As we work to integrate this model more fully into our culture and structure, you will notice changes, some large and some small. The search for permanent executive assistants for the Charleston and North Las Vegas vice presidents is in the interview phase and should be completed soon.

On the Henderson Campus, interim Associate Vice President Rebecca Gates has been hired to help maximize talents and avoid duplication of funding in executive positions, and two other Associate Vice Presidents will be assigned for the same position on the other two campuses. This position reports directly to the campus vice president. This process will include an administrative reassignment process of existing associate vice presidents. We will share those administrative reassignments with you once they are complete.

Please know that we are also facilitating discussions with the college counselors to better align the department with a new model of integrated support and retention services.

Academic deans are assigned to each campus as follows:

Student Government and Student Life and Leadership offices have been relocated to the new student unions on each campus. Further planning is progressing to identify departments that can be housed in the unions to support a one-stop model of wraparound support and retention services. We anticipate posting student union management positions this fall for each campus.

I look forward to working together on this issue in the future to support student success and make sure all of our students graduate, complete, transfer and prosper.


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Incident on the CSN Henderson Campus

Dear CSN Family,

At approximately 6 p.m. this evening, Wednesday, August 28, University Police Services Southern Command received a report that there appeared to be firearm magazines inside a parked vehicle on the College of Southern Nevada’s Henderson Campus. Officers arrived and tracked down the student who had driven the car to campus. It was then determined that the student had a rifle and approximately 2,000 rounds of ammunition inside the vehicle. Firearms are prohibited on Nevada System of Higher Education campuses, including those kept in parked vehicles. 

The student was arrested and booked into the Clark County Detention Center. The student stated that he had forgotten that he had the weapon in his vehicle. 

Although police do not believe that an ongoing threat exists to Henderson or any of our other campuses as a result of this incident, it is an important reminder of the effectiveness of the “see something, say something” public safety campaign. If you see something suspicious, report it to the police immediately. Learn more about University Police Services South on their website, and read up on the latest safety tips on our Newsroom blog.

– Federico

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A Campus Safety Message

Dear CSN Family,

As the semester begins, safety should be in the forefront of all our minds. As you know, the CSN and UNLV police departments have been consolidated into one, new department called “University Police Services,” led by Associate Vice President and Director of Police Services Adam Garcia.

You have probably noticed that police cars and uniforms have changed, and we will see many more safety enhancements soon, including a state-of-the-art 911 dispatch center, bomb detection dogs, a detective bureau and an emergency management division, as well as enhanced community policing efforts. If you have concerns or questions about safety, Director Garcia can be contacted at

I also want to remind you that the use and possession of marijuana on any CSN campus or leased property is prohibited. This prohibition applies to prescribed medical marijuana as well as recreational marijuana. If you wish to know more, you may reference the Nevada System of Higher Education policy found in the Regents’ Handbook in Title 4, Chapter 1, Section 32.

Possession of firearms on CSN campuses is also prohibited. This prohibition applies to those with concealed carry permits and also covers firearms stored in vehicles. If you wish to know more about the prohibition of firearms on campus, you may reference the Nevada System of Higher Education policy found in the Regents’ Handbook in Title 4, Chapter 1, Section 31.

There are a few other safety points I would like to address:

  • If you have not yet done so, please download the CSN Mobile Safety app. The app features “report a crime” tip, emergency plans and crime statistics, a “safety toolkit,” campus maps and other important safety resources.
  • Please know also that as a CSN Coyote, you are automatically enrolled in the CSN alert system. If there is a public safety crisis, you will receive emergency notifications through email, text, computer, CSN’s website and social media. Police Services will be testing emergency notifications at 10 a.m. Thursday, September 12, so you will receive test messages at that time.
  • If there were to be an incident on campus involving an active assailant, remember the “Run, hide, fight!” strategy, as outlined on the UPD website.
  • Remember to always keep your safety and the safety of others in mind as we embark on a new semester. Keep aware of your surroundings, and keep an eye out for students and staff with disabilities and others with limited mobility.
  • For more safety tips, including a detailed explanation of what to do in the case of an active assailant, visit our Newsroom blog.

And remember to follow University Police Services on Facebook and Twitter for news and events. Have a safe and successful semester!

– Federico

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August 2019 Chronicle

August 2019​​ 

Please join me in welcoming Clarissa Cota and Dr. Sonya Pearson, who are joining Patty Charlton as campus vice presidents & provosts. The next phase of our journey toward a Multi-Campus system is about to begin. If you have not met them yet, you will have the perfect opportunity to meet and hear them as they will be featured speakers at our fall 2019 Convocation Kickoff Event scheduled for​​ 8:30 a.m.​​ Monday,​​ August 19.​​ 

-​​ Federico



In this issue:

  • Tyrone Thompson Student Union​​ 

  • Fall 2019 Convocation & Adjunct Impact ​​ 

  • Join the Welcome Back Crew​​ 

  • Coyote Spirit

  • CSN Foundation

  • CSN Connections​​ 

  • Nevada Promise Academy​​ 

  • NJCAA All-Academic Athletes​​ 

  • Fall 2019 Enrollment Update


Read the President’s Blog


Inside CSN


Tyrone Thompson Student Union ​​​​