Dr. Federico Zaragoza

Welcome to the blog of College of Southern Nevada President Dr. Federico Zaragoza.

As the largest higher education institution in the state of Nevada, CSN is dedicated to the prosperity of the Southern Nevada community, which we proudly declare in our mission statement:

The College of Southern Nevada empowers our students and communities to achieve, succeed and prosper.

Founded in 1971, CSN enrolls approximately 50,000 students each year from around the country. We have awarded over 25,000 degrees and certificates in the last five years alone. Students have praised our affordable tuition, small classes, accessible faculty and flexible course scheduling at state-of-the-art campuses located throughout the region. The college has dozens of academic programs to choose from, including 10 bachelor’s degrees and 26 degrees and certificates available entirely online.

Dr. Zaragoza joined CSN in 2018 and immediately made “students first” his mantra. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, a Master’s degree in Vocational Education, an Educational Specialist degree in Industrial and Technical Education from the University of Wisconsin–Stout, and a Ph.D. in Urban Education and Administrative Leadership from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee.