CSN Update on the Board of Regents Meeting


As mentioned in previous communications, the state is expecting a budget shortfall. As a result, the Governor’s office has asked each state agency to scale back its request for funding for the next two-year budget cycle. On Friday, the Board of Regents amended the Nevada System of Higher Education’s budget request to the Governor. They kept the request for faculty and staff salary increases whole and emphasized this as the primary priority of the Board.

The adjustments they made included a 25 percent reduction to a proposed increase in funding for certain community college career and technical education programs in the first year of the biennium and kept that amount whole in the second year. This is important because the increase would then become a permanent part of the funding formula going forward, allowing CSN to receive additional support for these expensive but very important programs. The Board then delayed a four-year capacity building request for all eight institutions by a year. This capacity building request for CSN, includes a number of proposals, including a catalyst bridge program with the school district and prison education. For the research universities, this request included funding for special capacity building projects that would help them reach Tier 1.

We are grateful that Board members protected the CTE funding as much as they did and that they are recommending to the Governor that it be fully funded in the second year (and become a permanent part of the funding formula at that level). I cannot stress enough how important this CTE funding is to the college and helping us adjust to the realities of the funding formula.

On Thursday at the Board of Regents meeting, I also presented the final report from the Multi-Campus District Study Committee. The Board responded to this report very positively and expressed gratitude for the work of this committee, which included faculty, staff, students and community leaders (each of whom wrote letters to the Board in support of the recommendations.) The Board asked the college to move into the first phase of the recommendations and to “flesh out” our plans so that a more accurate funding request can be put forward. As I reported to the Board, I believe that CSN has some revenue from expected student fee increases that are meant to be dedicated to student support services to use to hire needed faculty and staff. But we will need to explore alternative funding mechanisms for other parts of the plan. Forthcoming work on phase one will now be distributed to various CSN functions to prepare a report for the March meeting of the Board of Regents, which will take place at CSN’s North Las Vegas Campus.

Also at this Board meeting, the presidents of CSN and UNLV were directed to work on a plan to consolidate police services. We are to report back to the Board in June 2017.

Finally, I want to take this opportunity to again affirm CSN’s value of diversity and inclusion in these times of unease. CSN’s mission is to educate students and prepare a workforce for Nevada’s future. We want all students to succeed, to complete their educational goals and to have a positive, life-long learning experience that starts at CSN. CSN has a long history of helping students, prizing diversity, and including folks from all walks of life. Our working and learning environment is one of respect and civility, and that makes working and learning better for all.

Should you have questions on any of the above information, please let me know.

Warmest best wishes for the holidays,


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December Chronicle

As this semester comes to a close, please take the time to read the following. I have many important and interesting items to share with you for this December Chronicle.

Upcoming Events

  • Nov. 19 CSN open enrollment began and enrollment for the spring 2017 semester is now available to all admitted students
  • Dec. 1-2 December Board of Regents Meeting at UNLV
  • Dec. 26 CSN closed in observance of Christmas
  • Jan. 2 CSN closed in observance of New Years
  • Jan. 16 CSN closed in observance of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday
  • Jan. 17 CSN Spring Semester Begins

CSN Multi-Campus District Study

The committee exploring a multi-campus district transition from our current multi-campus single college structure wrapped up its work in early November. The final report can be read here. I truly appreciate the work this group, including faculty, staff, student

A historic (2011) winter photo of the CSN Charleston Campus

A historic (2011) winter photo of the CSN Charleston Campus

and community leaders, has done. All of their research and meeting notes are posted on my web page. The major conclusions are that CSN would benefit from such a transition as our peers have made. A multi-campus district would provide students a ‘home campus’ experience, ensure parity of services on each campus and help the campus grow in response to local community needs and as a reflection of the community it serves. However, the costs of a transition from our highly vertical structure to a more horizontal organization may prevent any movement on this in the near future. I will present the findings to the Board of Regents on Dec. 1 and 2 and receive feedback.

CSN celebrated International Education Week with its signature event – Ambassador Day, where students, faculty and staff share information about other cultures.

CSN celebrated International Education Week with its signature event – Ambassador Day, where students, faculty and staff share information about other cultures.

Post-Election Environment

Many students at colleges and universities across the nation are anxious about the ramifications of the presidential election.  CSN affirms its values for inclusion and support, and has sponsored opportunities for students since the election to visit with diversity staff and counselors.  Faculty and staff may not have heard about these events since they are targeted at students.  I look forward to unveiling more about this in the near future.  We will also be launching a new initiative called DREAM Zone training (similar to our continued efforts for Safe Zone training) to create safe spaces on campus with trained advocates who can connect undocumented students to appropriate community resources, including legal and immigration services. We will share this information once finalized. Please contact our diversity office if you would like to get involved.

As I stated in my last message on this topic, CSN serves to provide an education to all and if one group feels threatened, then we must all stand together. We held several conversations on campus Nov. 15 and 17 with students and I will hold student roundtables (in addition to faculty and staff ones) at the start to the Spring Semester. I encourage you to express the values espoused at CSN through our mission and strategic planning efforts. Contact your elected officials to ensure they know your priorities and values and give what free time you can to causes and efforts that reflect them.

CSN North Las Vegas Campus Sign Unveiling

On Nov. 16, North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee and I held a press event with Board of

City of North Las Vegas and Nevada System of Higher Education officials unveil the new monument sign for the North Las Vegas Campus.

City of North Las Vegas and Nevada System of Higher Education officials unveil the new monument sign for the North Las Vegas Campus.

Regents Chair Rick Trachok and Regent Trevor Hayes to officially unveil the new North Las Vegas Campus sign, signaling the strong partnership between CSN and the City of North Las Vegas. I want to thank everybody involved in helping to make this change come about, most especially Mayor Lee, who first proposed the name change to help better connect the campus to the community. From there, the process in changing our campus’ name was carefully considered and approved by both the Institutional Advisory Council and the Board of Regents. Notably, the City of North Las Vegas worked with the signage company, Yesco, to change the college’s monument sign to reflect the new name.

New Interactive Business Lab

Our new Interactive Business Laboratory held its grand opening ceremony Nov. 18, giving students and members of the business community the opportunity tour the state-of-the-art facility. If you have not seen the IBL on the North Las Vegas Campus, please make time to stop by. The lab features video technology that allow our faculty to bring the world into the classroom, literally. The mobile furniture allows for students to work in pods or in a simulated board room setting. Modeled off similar spaces at Stanford University, this lab received start-up funding provided by a federal Perkins grant through the Nevada Department of Education.

CSN Soccer Success

CSN's inaugural soccer team had a banner first year.

CSN’s inaugural soccer team had a banner first year.

Once again, CSN Athletics is showing everyone how it should be done. Our brand new men’s soccer team had a thrilling inaugural year, making it all the way to the National Junior College Athletic Association’s National Championship tournament. Though the team fell short of its ultimate goal of winning the championship, we could not be prouder of everyone involved in this amazing journey. Congratulations to the entire team and coaching staff on a truly historic season, which included a record of 16-6-2, a Region 18 championship and 2016 Western District Runner-up finish. Well done all.

Congratulations to Classified Employees!

The classified team won the softball tournament at the annual Hungry Games tournament this year.

The classified team won the softball tournament at the annual Hungry Games tournament this year.

My thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s Hungry Games Faculty and Staff Softball Tournament. Congratulations to the Classified team for taking the trophy this year. We have posted a photo album online, where you may view and download photos from the games: https://flic.kr/s/aHskL1F2QE



OTS Excellence and Service

CSN employees honor OTS staff at the Spotlight on Excellence Awards.

CSN employees honor OTS staff at the Spotlight on Excellence Awards.

Our Office of Technology Services held its annual Spotlight on Excellence awards to honor those who help the people at CSN stay connected to one another. In conjunction with the event, the staff holds a raffle and collects food donations for Three Square. Last year, more than 6,000 pounds of non-perishable food was donated. While we are still waiting on a count from this year’s event, everyone involved said it was a success. Congratulations to the award winners! Thank you to Ellucian and OTS for putting on such a great event. Finally, thank you to all of our OTS staff. You have a challenging task at this institution and you provide terrific customer service and support to our faculty and staff. Thank you for all you do.

Faculty & Staff Questions

“Will CSN be closed during the holidays? When?”

CSN does not have a winter closure. Supervisors/Departments are asked to be as flexible as possible in terms of letting people off while still balancing the need to provide services to customers/clients and ensuring there is adequate supervision to guarantee the safety and security of employees.

The college will be closed Dec. 26 for observance of Christmas and Jan. 2 for observance of the New Year’s Holiday

“Can we use CSN email to write advocacy letters to legislators or other lawmakers? When the legislative session begins in February, can we go to Grant Sawyer to testify?”

I encourage you to get involved in advocacy and to communicate with your elected officials. That said, employees should use their personal email accounts to contact legislators for advocacy about legislation or policy.

If an employee wants to testify on a bill during the work day, the employee should request annual leave or Leave Without Pay (LWOP) and coordinate with her/his direct supervisor to ensure no disruption of college services.

Happy holidays to all and I look forward to seeing you at the holiday party.






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CSN’s Values

Dear CSN Community,

As this election has come to an end, I want to take a moment to reflect on our values at the College of Southern Nevada. 

Reiterating the sentiments expressed in my communication last June, I am committed to fostering a safe, welcoming and inclusive college that celebrates cultures and values diverse opinions and perspectives.

These are not just my values. Last spring, representatives of our faculty, staff and students embarked on a collaborative process to define our mission, vision and values. You may have participated in the process directly, including the many surveys or on-campus listening sessions. Through this process, our shared governance created these values among others:

“CSN values a broad-based education because a diverse foundation of knowledge empowers creative thinking, problem solving and innovation.”

“CSN embraces diversity because it heals social division and injustice and promotes creativity, growth and critical thinking through the integration of many different perspectives.”

I am concerned about recent appalling news reports of harassment and aggression on college campuses post-election and want to reiterate that discrimination, harassment and violence have no place here. Any such acts will be dealt with appropriately.

We are planning some roundtables in the near future and I encourage you to come to have a collaborative discussion about any concerns, questions or issues you want to address. We will have community and campus leadership present to help. You will see an invitation to participate coming from my office shortly.

I also want you to be aware of CSN’s resources that ensure safety and an inclusive environment, included below. I would like to highlight our dynamic Office of Community Relations, Diversity and Multicultural Affairs and our new multicultural center at the North Las Vegas Campus, which provide excellent resources to help you learn more, get engaged, empower our community and celebrate each other. You may also contact my office anytime.

  • President’s Office – 702.651.5600 
  • CSN Police Department – 702.651.2677
  • Office of Equity – 702.651.5587
  • Office of Community Relations, Diversity and Multicultural Affairs – 702.651.7607

Again, please rest assured our doors and arms are open to all who seek an education.


President Michael D. Richards, Ph.D.

College of Southern Nevada

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November Chronicle

We are at the midpoint of the semester and there are a number of updates for you included in this month’s Chronicle.

Upcoming Events

  • Nov. 3 Southern Nevada Diversity Summit at UNLV, all day
  • Nov. 4 Final Multi-Campus District Study Meeting at NSHE Las Vegas Office, 8:30 a.m.
  • Nov. 5 Employee Softball Tournament, Henderson Campus, 10 a.m.
  • Nov. 8 Election Day
  • Nov. 11 CSN will be closed for Veteran’s Day
  • Nov. 15-17 Classified Staff Professional Development Days
  • Nov. 17 OTS Recognition, North Las Vegas Campus, 3 p.m.
  • Nov. 24-25 CSN will be closed for Thanksgiving and Family Day
  • Nov. 28 Board of Regents Committee on Community Colleges
  • Dec. 1-2 Board of Regents Meeting at UNLV
  • Dec. 5 CSN Magical Forest Night at Opportunity Village
  • Dec. 8 CSN Holiday Party at the West Gate Hotel


    At the CSN Latino Alliance’s “La Gran Finale” event on Oct. 11, CSN students and staff mapped their roots on the display. Students and staff were asked to place a “people” magnet on their country of origin, where they were born or on the country with which they identify.

Hispanic Heritage Month

Thanks to all the students, staff and faculty who participated in Hispanic Heritage Month activities at CSN. As you know we celebrate our position as the most diverse higher education institution in Nevada and as the first Hispanic Serving Institution in the state. This photo here is from the CSN Latino Alliance “La Gran Finale” event held on Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2016.

Budget Reductions

The revenue forecast for the state’s next budget cycle, starting July 1, 2017, is bleak. Budget officials estimate a $400 million shortfall and all state agencies, including NSHE, are being asked to cut their requests down by 5 percent. For CSN, this is equivalent to a $4.4 million cut each year over the next biennium. We’re looking at our expenditures now and looking for areas to adjust and scale back.

Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise Scholars


CSN’s 2016 Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise Scholar Jorge Lopez Alvarez


CSN’s 2016 Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise Scholar Jill Robinson, who is also ASCSN President

Two CSN students have been named 2016 Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise Scholars, and we couldn’t be more proud. Jorge Lopez Alvarez and Jill Robinson both received the prestigious scholarship, awarded to only 200 community college students nationwide each year. This year’s recipients were selected by a panel of independent judges from more than 1,100 applicants. The Leaders of Promise Scholarship is sponsored by the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation.

Accounting Student Scholarship

The Accounting Department brought in several speakers for its lecture series in October and presented a student with a $500 scholarship. Congratulations to student Bethany Williams, who was honored with the scholarship for her excellent GPA and her commitment to the program. Speakers included Dennis Meservy who owns his own accounting firm, and Jeff Breeden and Brett Jackson of the CPA firm Stewart, Archibald, and Barney, as well as Scott Montes, Controller, of the Las Vegas 51s, and Darryl Raiford, an Accounting Department faculty member.

Engelstad Scholars

While on the topic of scholarships, it is important we highlight the Engelstad scholarship recipients, who received their awards this fall semester. A select group of 25 health sciences students were named and will receive a monetary scholarship funded through the Ralph and Betty Engelstad Foundation. The CSN Engelstad Scholars are distinguished students who have been accepted into one of CSN’s limited entry health sciences programs. They display academic excellence, a commitment to serving the community and have demonstrated the ability to overcome barriers to pursue their education.


CSN alumni and No Greater Odds star Carlos Holguin, NGO Director Patrick Wirtz with CSN Videography Professor and NGO Producer and Cinematographer John Aliano pose for a photo before the campus premiere of No Greater Odds. Below, College Promise Campaign’s panelists speak about college affordability and Promise programs across the nation.

No Greater Odds Campus Premiere

As part of the presidential debate week events, CSN hosted the campus premiere of “No Greater Odds” at the North Las Vegas Campus. More than 200 people attended the event sponsored by the national nonprofit, College Promise Campaign, which organized a panel discussion following the film, including Mary Rauner, Director of Strategic Planning & Operations, Regional Educational Laboratory West, WestEd, Randy Smith, Executive Director, Rural Community College Alliance, Andrea Henderson, Executive Director, Oregon Community College Association, Reid Setzer, Deputy Director of Policy and 5Legislative Affairs for Young Invincibles and Dr. Nancy Brune, executive director of the
Guinn Center for Policy Priorities and CSN IAC chair. It was an honor to have such an esteemed panel on campus.

Classified Professional Development Days

Classified staff professional development days will take place Nov. 15-17. If you supervise classified employees, please encourage them to attend. Professional development is critical to employees’ personal and professional growth in the workplace. Registration is available on the CAPE site.

Questions from Faculty & Staff

“Will the projected $400 million state deficit impact CSN’s current budget?”

No, we have no indication that the projected state deficit will impact the current year budget (FY17). The projected deficit has prompted the Governor’s office to request the 2017-2019 biennial budget from all state agencies, including CSN, with a 5 percent reduction. The college displayed this as a one-line item reduction without specific reductions to areas or departments. The Governor’s office will evaluate the biennial budget requests from all agencies to create his budget, which will be announced in late January.

“When will we develop the Northwest Campus?”

This fourth campus for CSN still has multiple steps to its development, and the first ones begin at the December meeting of the Board of Regents. We have been working to get the legal documentation in order, title to the property and approval of a revised development agreement with the City of Las Vegas. Both items are on the December agenda of the Board. Concurrently, we’ve been holding discussions with a development partner. Finalizing those discussions will be the next important step.

“When will we break ground on the new student unions?”

Student unions on each of the three campuses is a priority for student leaders and for CSN generally. General programming elements are completed, initial discussions on financing have begun, and we are aiming for the March meeting of the Board of Regents for fee and project approval.

“What is the role of the ombuds office?”

Several years ago two ombudspersons were appointed and trained to facilitate the sharing of information and to assist with conflicts as they may rise. Dr. Jennifer Basquiat and Mark Rauls serve as our ombudspersons. They operate, and must operate, with considerable autonomy. Each year they share with me themes or topics that could be better addressed through the President’s office, but other than that I’m at arm’s length. No names or details are ever shared. Employees can approach the ombudspersons with full anonymity and confidence.



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September Chronicle

September Chronicle

Greetings! It has been a very busy start to the semester. There is a lot on which I must update you.

Upcoming Important Events

    • CSN Fall Connections at the North Las Vegas Campus

      CSN Fall Connections at the North Las Vegas Campus

      Oct. 4, CSN Informational Session for prospective students and their families, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., Charleston Campus, K101

    • Oct. 5, Pizza & Politics with Congresswoman Dina Titus, Charleston Campus, 12 p.m. (Room TBD)
    • Oct. 17, CSN Institutional Advisory Council Meeting
    • Oct. 17, Campus Premiere of No Greater Odds, followed by a panel discussion on college affordability, 6 p.m. at the Horn Theatre
    • Oct. 19, CSN Presidential Debate Watch Events at each campus (Charleston: D101; Henderson: C133; and North Las Vegas: June Whitley Student Lounge)
    • Oct. 21, Special Board of Regents Meeting
    • Oct. 26-27, Early Voting, CSN North Las Vegas Campus, Nicholas J. Horn Theatre Lobby
    • Nov. 3, Southern Nevada Diversity Summit
    • Dec. 1-2, Board of Regents Meeting
    • Dec. 5, CSN’s Magical Forest Night at Opportunity Village
    • Dec. 8, CSN Holiday Party, venue TBD

Multi-Campus District Study

Our committee is hard at work, meeting weekly, each Friday. Earlier this month, we heard from Valencia College President Dr. Sandy Shugart and next we will hear from Pima Community College Chancellor Dr. Lee Lambert. As we study how CSN might transition to a multi-campus district, our committee members have asked a number of hard questions, such as how resources could be allocated on each campus and how rigor and quality are maintained in a decentralized system. It is important to emphasize that if we go down this road, these types of questions will be decided through shared governance. This committee to study a potential multi-campus district is working to determine a recommendation as to if we should pursue this model and what a phased transition to this structure would look like. We have our work cut out for us whereas we are trying to construct a recommendation to go before the Nov. 28 Board of Regents Committee on Community Colleges. Dr. Shugart’s interview presented great information on how to minimize the number of administrators needed and maximize the use of employee councils for decision making and accountability. It was clear that as Valencia College expanded, it needed to decentralize to promote access to students and that the benefits of this model included student and faculty empowerment. The meetings are each Friday and locations are posted online on the CSN events calendar. Go to the bottom of the home page and click View All Events.

Work Climate Committee Chair

I have a bittersweet announcement regarding this important committee. Cameron Basquiat, who has done a remarkable job, leading this committee for the past several years, has decided to step down. I appreciate all that Cameron has done on this committee with the support and effort from his dedicated team members on the committee. We spend so much of our life at work and this committee has institutionalized the PACE and Snapshot survey processes and development of recommendations to improve all of our days at CSN. I’ve asked Dr. Danielle Richards, a professor in Human Behavior, to lead this committee going forward.

Culinary Program Ranked No. 7

Chef Steve Soltz supervises an early morning gathering of culinary students as they prepare a meal for nearby elementary school students as part of the department’s partnership with Chefs for Kids

Congratulations to our top-notch Culinary Arts program, which was named the seventh best culinary program in the country by www.bestchoiceschools.com. The ranking cited several factors, including that students can earn either a certificate or an associate degree, students operate a fully functional on-campus restaurant and work with award-winning chefs, and that the program offers a low student-to-faculty ratio. My hat is off to Chef Tom Rosenberger and everyone involved in the program.




Presidential Debate Week: No Greater Odds Premiere and Debate Watch Events! UNLV is the host institution for the last presidential debate on Wednesday, Oct. 19. CSN is supporting this event in various ways.

First, the campus premiere of No Greater Odds will take place on Monday, Oct. 17, at 6 p.m. at the Horn Theatre in North Las Vegas, followed by a panel discussion on college affordability – a topic very relevant to the presidential campaign. We plan to make this a fun, red-carpet event to celebrate the success of the film! Civic Nation, the national non-partisan nonprofit that brought the documentary to the Republican and Democratic national conventions this summer, the CSN Foundation, Las Vegas Metro Chamber, Latin Chamber, Urban Chamber and United Way of Southern Nevada are also supporting this event. Please plan to attend and bring your family, friends and neighbors.

It’s important to remember that the debate is a made-for-TV event. Therefore, CSN will host debate watch events on each campus during the debate for the community on Oct. 19, starting at 5:30 p.m. Following the debate, our remarkable faculty will conduct panel discussions to provide important context for attendees.

New CSN Softball Field Brings Lady Coyotes Back to Campus
3We had a fantastic crowd at the dedication of our Lady Coyotes softball field. Team members, coaches and community members came together to celebrate the new field on the Henderson Campus. We believe it will help our women’s softball team be more competitive, and it will help recruiting as well. I am very proud of our athletes for their success on the field and in the classroom. While I am on this topic, I’d like to encourage you to attend one of our at-home soccer games this season.

New Multicultural Center

We celebrated the grand opening of our new Multicultural Center on the North Las Vegas Campus this month. This center will act as a front door for students, a gathering place, and a meeting space for groups. In addition, certain multicultural programs will offer training there for CSN faculty and staff. We’re proud to have it on our campus.

“Been There Done That!”

CSN President Emeritus Dr. Paul Meacham with his new book

CSN President Emeritus Dr. Paul Meacham with his new book

If you missed President Emeritus Dr. Paul E. Meacham’s visit to campus to discuss his memoir, “Been There, Done That – My Life in the Educational Arena,” I hope you will go to our bookstore to obtain a copy. Meacham, the first African- American president of a Nevada System of Higher Education institution, served as CSN’s president from 1983 to 1994 and remains our longest-serving president. His contributions to higher education are invaluable.



CSN Information Session

CSN is hosting a CSN Information Session on Oct. 4 at the Charleston Campus in Building K, Rm. 101, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., for prospective students and their families. The event allows members of the community to learn more about CSN and our enrollment process. Please help us spread the word about this important ‘Open House,’ event.

ITT Tech

When ITT Technical Institute announced that it was closing, a team of people at CSN quickly formed and developed a plan to help the stranded students. This has led to specialists assigned on each campus to help ITT Tech students enroll at CSN. We’ve scheduled an open house for 9 a.m. Oct. 8 on the North Las Vegas Campus exclusively for ITT Tech students. Please help spread the word.

Faculty & Staff Questions

“Will CSN campuses be early voting sites for the upcoming election?”

Yes, we have partnered with the Clark County Elections Department and will have two days of early voting at our North Las Vegas Campus on Oct. 26 and 27 at the Nicholas J. Horn Theatre lobby. We are hoping that in the future we can make this available at all of our campuses, so please support this site by casting an early ballot at this location.

“If I prefer to vote on Election Day and not participate in early voting, am I allowed time off?” 

Yes, you can take the time to vote. Please work with your supervisor in advance to ensure service coverage. If you have any questions, please contact the Human Resources Department.

“It seems like there have been a lot of office and department moves lately. What are the purposes for the moves? Is there an overall plan behind the moves that the college is working towards? How will this benefit our students?”

We have committed to students to increase the number of student services and high demand courses available to them to enhance their experience. In fact, part of the increase in student fees each year for our four-year plan is dedicated to achieving this goal. As such, we need more office space on our campuses to accommodate these additional positions that interface directly with students. We are working to move some of those positions that do not work directly with students off campus to other sites. This has a significant impact on the student experience at CSN.




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August Chronicle

August Chronicle

The fall semester is here and I hope you are ready. I’ve enjoyed welcoming faculty back. I have so much information to share with you and many updates. Please read and share with your colleagues.

Multi-Campus District Study1

Before addressing various news and information items, I want to respond to a question I received at Convocation: “What’s the latest on the CSN multi-campus district study?”

The first meeting of the CSN multi-campus district study committee will take place Sept. 1 at 1:30 p.m. in Conference Room A at the North Las Vegas Campus, after which it will meet almost weekly. I will send out information about the meetings regularly and you are welcome to attend if your schedule permits. We will hear from Valencia College President Sandy Shugart in Florida. He will explain his college’s district model and address questions from committee members. I co-chair the committee along with Acting NSHE Chancellor John White.

The committee members include the following:

CSN Faculty Senate Chair-Elect Dr. Jill Acree
City of North Las Vegas Councilman Isaac Barron
CSN Public Affairs Executive Director Dr. K.C. Brekken
Clark County School District Chief Student Achievement Officer Dr. Mike Barton
CSN Institutional Advisory Council Chair Dr. Nancy Brune
CSN Vice President for Student Affairs Juanita Chrysanthou
CSN Past Faculty Senate Chair Dr. Darin Dockstader
CSN Administrative Faculty Assembly Past Chair Tamara Flores-Sahagun
CSN Chair of Dental Science James Godin
CSN Dean of Business, Hospitality and Public Service Dr. Marcus Johnson
CSN Fine Arts Professor Dr. Joan McGee
CSN Institutional Advisory Council Member Shaundell Newsome
CSN Counselor Luis Ortega
City of Las Vegas Mayor Pro Tem Steve Ross
City of Henderson Director of Public Affairs Javier Trujillo
CSN Chair of Chairs Patrick Villa

The general objectives of the study are to better understand the services needed in each part of the CSN service area; survey peer institutions to determine the structure that most effectively and efficiently promotes delivery of those services; consider how a revised structure best fits within the NSHE framework; determine the structure that best serves students, faculty and the local community; and develop a cost analysis and phased approach for implementation.

Again, this study will look at how to phase CSN, which is currently a multi-campus single college, to a multi-campus district college. This means that each campus would have more autonomy and connection to its distinct local communities. Under this proposed structure, they would still be campuses with central support services.

This model requires a comprehensive deployment of curriculum and services to students at CSN’s three main campuses and in the planning for a fourth campus. Student must be able to obtain general education coursework at one of our comprehensive campuses, although students would not be restricted to just one campus. Preliminary indications are that additional faculty and staff may be needed to provide the “comprehensiveness” of services and curriculum. A site-based administrator—provost or president—would also be part of the model, as this person would be the point person for community relationships and community needs.

Aside from the design of the model itself, the committee will consider advantages and disadvantages and, of course, costs.

At each meeting there will be a presentation from a chancellor or president of a multi-campus district or an extended discussion among committee members on what such a model might look like for CSN. Following the initial meeting on September 1, the next meetings will take place Sept. 16, Sept 23 and Sept. 30 at 8:30 a.m. in E 327. I will keep you updated on the process throughout the study.

CSN Safety App

At our Convocation kickoff, we launched CSN’s new safety app for smart phones. This is a great way to enhance our security and safety efforts on campus. It will provide you with important updates about campus safety and community resources. You can also report tips. It provides you with all of the appropriate contact information right at your fingertips. I urge you to download this app via Google Play for Androids or the Apple App Store for iPhones. You never know when you might need it for yourself, a colleague or a student.

I would like to add that you should still ensure you are signed up for CSN’s Emergency Notification system and that your information is up to date. To do so, go to https://www.e2campus.net/my/csn/index.htm.


Late registration will be available again. The last day to register for the 16-week semester will be 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 4.


Vice President of Academic Affairs Search

Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Hyla Winters

Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Hyla Winters

As mentioned last spring, Dr. Hyla Winters has agreed to remain in her capacity as interim vice president of Academic Affairs. She will co-chair the search committee with Vice President of Student Affairs Juanita Chrysanthou.




CSN Athletics3

The CSN Coyotes have an exciting year coming up, whether we’re talking about baseball, softball, volleyball or the new men’s and women’s soccer programs. In baseball, the team is expected to compete again for the Scenic West Athletic Conference title, while the softball team is celebrating its new home field on the Henderson campus. As the volleyball team starts its second year, excitement couldn’t be higher. And both new soccer programs are in good shape. It should be an amazing year!

Unearned Fs

As you will recall, the new funding formula does not fund what we call, ‘unearned Fs,’ for those students who stop attending short of the last quarter of the semester. This is an important factor, whereas community colleges serve a larger population of students who are more likely to drop out of courses mid-semester. We are pleased to report that the number of unearned Fs college-wide are down 14 percent from 2014-15 to 2015-16. We attribute this directly to faculty and support staff helping students persist. Thank you for all you are doing!

Reverse Transfer

During the spring semester, CSN instituted a new reverse degree process with UNLV and NSC, whereby their students, who took a certain number of courses at CSN, were notified they may be eligible for a CSN degree, in combination with credits from their four-year institution, prior to receiving their bachelor’s degree. To date, 180 reverse associate degrees have been awarded.

Associate in Facilities Maintenance and Manufacturing

As part of its academic master plan, CSN will bring its new Associate of Applied Science in Facilities Maintenance and Manufacturing Degree before the Board of Regents in September. Initially, this program will be housed4 at the CCSD South East Career & Technical Academy and begin this fall. As the manufacturing sector in Southern Nevada experiences tremendous growth, this program will fulfill the demand for a highly skilled workforce.

Bachelor of Applied Science in Fire Science Management

5In June, the Board of Regents approved CSN’s fourth bachelor’s degree program in fire science management. This program will provide students the opportunity to develop their managerial skills and further develop their technical skills. It is the only four-year program in this field in Nevada. Coursework for the program has begun this fall as a complement to our stellar associate and certificate programs related to fire science and emergency management.

Service Excellence Program

The CAPE office is designing a Service Excellence Program to roll out to the entire college this academic year. The program highlights guiding principles for internal and external Service Excellence. The goal is to create a more welcoming, professional, and service-oriented environment for students and employees, which will help improve engagement and retention across CSN.6


National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity

Interim Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Shellie Keller

Interim Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Shellie Keller

Men and women of color are significantly under-represented in career and technical fields throughout the nation. To ameliorate these gaps, Nevada has joined the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity. CSN interim Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Shellie Keller will spearhead CSN’s involvement in this partnership to help recruit under-represented students for CTE programs.

Through this effort, we will look at areas of under enrollment by racial and gender groups to determine if targeted interventions for improvement can be applied. Going through this process will allow us opportunities to develop effective strategies that can eventually be applied throughout the college.

At the end of the professional development process facilitated via NAPE, we should have a clear document describing the program improvement process that can be continued into subsequent years. This process will be collaborative with faculty and staff being proactive at identifying gaps and developing targeted, data-based strategies for improvement.

Softball Field Dedication

9Please support our Coyotes and join us for the dedication of the new CSN Softball Field at the Henderson Campus on Sept. 13 at 9:30 a.m. at the Lied Sports Complex. The field is beautiful and I firmly believe it will help propel our women’s softball team to the national championship this spring!

New Multi-Cultural Center

We are delighted to announce that our new Multicultural Center will open this fall. Please join us for the celebration of its grand opening on Sept. 14, at 10 a.m., in room N-204 (above the June Whitley Student Center) at the North Las Vegas Campus. This will provide much needed space for our students to help them become more engaged with their college. I look forward to all of the dynamic programming we expect to come out of this center this coming year to help connect our students with college life, academic success and the community.

Pizza & Politics

Nevada Senate Candidate Catherine Cortez Masto

Nevada Senate Candidate Catherine Cortez Masto

Later that day – Sept. 14, at 1 p.m., at the Charleston Campus – CSN will start anew its Pizza & Politics event series. U.S. Senate candidate Catherine Cortez Masto is scheduled to attend for an engaging discussion with our campus community about politics, the election and more. We are working to schedule a similar event with U.S. Senate candidate Congressman Dr. Joe Heck this semester as well.


CSN President Emeritus Dr. Paul Meacham Book Signing

CSN President Emeritus Dr. Paul Meacham

CSN President Emeritus Dr. Paul Meacham

Also Sept. 14, please join CSN President Emeritus Dr. Paul Meacham from 2-4 p.m. for a discussion of his memoir “Been There, Done That – My Life in the Educational Arena,” followed by a book signing. This will take place, appropriately, in the Paul E. Meacham Student Services Building. We hope to see you there!




No Greater Odds

It has been a year since the debut of the documentary film, “No Greater Odds.” What a year it’s been for the cast and crew! They are all CSN team members and alumni. This summer, the film was screened nationwide, including for policymakers in Washington, D.C., at the Library of Congress and at the Republican and Democratic national conventions. We are so proud of the team’s efforts. I congratulate them for a job well done.

Emmy Awards

You may recall that I mentioned in my last Chronicle that CSN Videography and Film students received several student production Emmy Award nominations this year. The team took home a total of eight Emmy Awards. I am incredibly proud of the students and the program.

Phi Theta Kappa Success

CSN English Professor and Phi Theta Kappa Advisor Bruno Rhodes

CSN English Professor and Phi Theta Kappa Advisor Bruno Rhodes

Congratulations to English Professor and Phi Theta Kappa advisor Bruno Rhodes, who was selected as one of the international organization’s 2016 Distinguished Advisors. PTK is the honor society for students at two-year colleges. The Distinguished Advisor Award recognized only 15 advisors worldwide this year. In addition to Rhodes’ honor, fellow chapter advisor, English instructor Travis Koll, received the Paragon Award for New Advisors, and several students were honored as well.

Faculty & Staff Questions

“Is merit for professional employees part of the Board of Regents’ budget request for the 2017 Legislature?”

Yes, it is included. As part of the request, the Board’s highest priority is compensation. It has asked for funding for a 2.5 percent merit increase for professional (non-classified) employees to mirror what the governor’s budget instructions include for classified step increase in FY 2018 and FY 2019.

“How will collective bargaining be implemented?”

The Nevada Faculty Alliance continues to gather information and prepare for the implementation of collective bargaining. I meet with the NFA and Faculty Senate leadership regularly and will share updates as more information becomes available on this topic.

Have a great semester and please let me know if you have any questions!



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Commitment to a Welcoming and Inclusive Culture at CSN


Given a number of recent events in our nation—most recently in Orlando, let me personally reiterate CSN’s commitment to fostering a welcoming and inclusive culture that values diversity.

Every semester at CSN, we serve tens of thousands of credit and non-credit students, each of whom brings the value of different backgrounds, experiences, perspectives and identities that enhance the learning experience for everyone.

We are proud that CSN is Nevada’s first Hispanic Serving Institution and a Minority Serving Institution. More than half our students identify as women and 42.1 percent of our student body is 25 years old or older. We are proud to serve the largest number of veterans in Nevada. We are diverse indeed, and this diversity strengthens us.

We celebrate in unity the heritage and culture of all our students, staff and faculty and will continue to support diversity initiatives, including the efforts of our nine multicultural committees. Last academic year, we hosted 80 diversity-related activities and have implemented additional inclusive faculty and staff training through the Center for Academic and Professional Excellence. Our student body developed a scholarship inspired by undocumented students. Our Queer Inclusive Campus Committee has been instrumental in bringing Safe Zones to CSN’s community.

As President, I am committed to working with the Office of Community Relations, Diversity and Multicultural Affairs and the Office of Institutional Equity to ensure equity, inclusion and access at CSN. But it is on all of us to provide a safe and welcoming environment.

Thank you for all you do to let our community and students know that our doors and arms are open to all who seek an education.

Best regards,


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May Chronicle

May Chronicle

Greetings and happy Commencement Day! This semester, we have much for which to be grateful. Before you leave for the summer, I have some important updates to provide.

Campus Naming

The Board of Regents Committee on Community Colleges will consider campus naming in June, using private dollars.

The Board of Regents Committee on Community Colleges will consider campus naming in June, using private dollars.

Last November, as CSN faced 15 percent budget cuts, the Board of Regents’ Committee on Community Colleges discussed a CSN campus naming policy but ultimately asked the college to further discuss the issue further and come back at a later date. I recently asked that an item be placed on the Committee’s June 2 agenda to reconsider campus naming.

Since the committee last discussed this, there have been a lot of changes. Last week, the Bureau of Land Management’s local office provided its recommendation and request to the state director to issue the federal patent to CSN for the creation of the Northwest campus. As we go forward with planning, we need a name for this 40-acre location. CSN has established relationships with a number of North Las Vegas employers, including Faraday Futures, and a positive relationship with the City of North Las Vegas is critical to expanding our ability to partner with these new industries and better prepare our students to thrive in these fields. Finally, the City of North Las Vegas has stated that private funding could be secured to cover the costs of a sign change to the CSN North Las Vegas Campus.

In two surveys, faculty, staff and students overwhelmingly expressed a desire to maintain the current campus names, and the majority did so because they said they did not want college funds diverted for this purpose. After months of studying the issue, our Institutional Advisory Council recommended the college include the municipality or neighborhood in its campus names to help CSN better connect with the distinct nature of each of our municipalities and better connect with existing and potential businesses that want to thrive in these cities. Therefore if private funds can be secured to change the name of the sign and the stationary, business cards and other branding can be phased over time, we can move this forward in the spirit of collaboration to address our shared interests of education, training and helping people obtain meaningful careers.

As private funding can be secured, we can change the name of the Charleston campus as well if the Board of Regents supports moving in this direction. I have heard from a number of community leaders and businesses in North Las Vegas about their desire to have a North Las Vegas campus to help spread awareness of the College of Southern Nevada’s presence in that community and I will urge the board to consider this change.

Emmy Award Nominations

Three CSN Videography and Film students received a total of six student production Emmy Award nominations at the recent Pacific Southwest Emmy nomination party. This is outstanding news, and it marks the second consecutive year students were nominated for six Emmys. CSN students won five of the awards last year. The nominees are: Billy Ward, Dantae Carter, and Jeremy Hernandez. Congratulations to them all, and to our stellar Videography and Film Program.

Respiratory Therapist of the Year!

Cecilia Degenhart, CSN director of clinical education for the Cardiorespiratory Sciences Program, was recognized as Respiratory Therapist of the Year!

Cecilia Degenhart, CSN director of clinical education for the Cardiorespiratory Sciences Program, was recognized as Respiratory Therapist of the Year!

Congratulations to Cecilia Degenhart, CSN director of clinical education for the Cardiorespiratory Sciences Program! The American Lung Association and the Nevada Society for Respiratory Care recently named her Respiratory Therapist of the Year!


Students celebrate after the 2015 CSN Commencement. This year's event will take place tonight at 6 p.m. at the Thomas & Mack.

Students celebrate after the 2015 CSN Commencement. This year’s event will take place tonight at 6 p.m. at the Thomas & Mack.

After a whirlwind week, including the terrific Outstanding Student Awards, the ASCSN Student Government Banquet and numerous pinning ceremonies, CSN will graduate its largest class ever tonight! Please make sure to come and support our graduating students. A record 3,508 students are eligible to receive 3,901 degrees and certificates, according to preliminary data. Official numbers for the spring 2016 semester will be available once final semester grades are in.

We’re thrilled to again see a record number of students earn their degrees and certificates. It shows us that the steps we have taken to guide students toward completion are helping. We are proud of the Class of 2016 and I look forward to celebrating them.

Multicultural Celebrations

CSN History Professor Dr. Sondra Cosgrove with graduates at the Native American commencement celebration last week.

CSN History Professor Dr. Sondra Cosgrove with graduates at the Native American commencement celebration last week.

In addition to our 44th Commencement Ceremony on Monday, we have been holding a series of Multicultural Celebrations to recognize the achievements of the many CSN students from a variety of diverse backgrounds. These celebrations, put together by the Office of Community Relations, Diversity & Multicultural Affairs, were heavily attended. We consider them vital to recognizing and enhancing student success at CSN. Thanks to all who attended to support these terrific students!




Open Enrollment

Just a reminder that open enrollment for fall begins May 21. Please encourage your family, friends and neighbors to enroll! Remember we are all ambassadors of CSN and I encourage you to talk to the community about our mission and how we serve our students. You can then refer potential applicants to www.csn.edu/MyCSN to apply or the Office of Recruitment, which can help new students navigate the application process.

Late Registration

Many of you have asked about late registration going forward. CSN will continue to allow registration during the first week of the fall semester. We will study the data from this spring semester over the coming months to determine the most appropriate policy for our students going forward.

Area and Responsibility Changes 

  1.  CSN and the Clark County School District have a remarkable partnership and an expanding array of programs, initiative and services that need support from various CSN offices.  To provide clarity of roles and align the initiative with CSN counterparts, we are making the following changes effective May 15.
  • NACEP Accreditation – Academic Affairs
  • Jumpstart – Academic Affairs (Includes all responsibilities related to developing and implementing MOUs)
  • CSN Career and Technical Education- Academic Affairs (Including development and implementation of MOUs)
  • United Way Summer Bridge – Academic Affairs (Includes any related planning, coordination, and implementation.)
  • CCSD Student Services/Transition Services  – Student Affairs (includes special needs transition support, College Night, etc.)
  • CSN High School – Student Affairs
  • CCSD Adult Education and YES – Student Affairs (Recruitment and Outreach only.  Not to include pilot program proposed for fall 2016)
  • CCSD District Leadership and Facilities Leadership – Strategic Initiatives & Administrative Services

Note: NACEP is the national accreditation for concurrent enrollment programs that CSN and CCSD are seeking.

5This change aligns programs service and support more naturally and more logically while affirming the positive relationships CSN needs to cultivate throughout the community.  It distributes workloads better and should create pipelines for students to smoothly transition from CCSD to CSN and the collegiate experience.

  1.  Effective July 1, two key functions–Financial Aid and Minority Male Mentoring–will transition from Academic Affairs to Student Affairs. Both functions naturally align with Student Affairs.  As we work to scale up the minority male mentoring program and the change in services in Financial Aid, it’s appropriate to place both services in Student Affairs. The Financial Aid transition is on the eve of the annual auditing process that will require some phasing.  This change will allow Academic Affairs to advance the academic master plan, and the assessment and program review functions that need greater attention.

Student Email Policy

Starting May 20, CSN will require new students to use a CSN student email address as their preferred address. This will be the official means of communication for these students who apply on or after May 20 to attend the college. They will receive all official communications from the college at this address, in addition to their MyCSN Communications Center and however faculty members choose to connect with them in the classroom. All other students can continue to use their preferred external email addresses but should be encouraged to change their preferred address in MyCSN to their CSN student email. This will help CSN better communicate with students, whereas we are currently experiencing a number of complications due to the vast number of emails that CSN employees send to external providers. Please share with your students that they can access their student email address with their NSHE ID at http://studentmail.csn.edu/learnmore/.


The CSN Retirement Luncheon took place this week, honoring more than 30 employees who will say farewell to CSN.

The CSN Retirement Luncheon took place this week, honoring more than 30 employees who will say farewell to CSN.

I had the honor of attending the annual retirement luncheon again this year. This is a bittersweet moment as we say farewell to colleagues and wish them well in their next adventures. This year, more than 30 people are retiring from CSN, representing approximately 568 years of service. This is a reminder to us all to acknowledge the many years of service and institutional knowledge of our faculty and staff. I hope these men and women who have dedicated so much of their lives to CSN stay in touch and involved in the CSN family.

Strategic Futures Draft Mission, Vision, Values, Draft

Below is the draft mission, vision, and values statement as approved by the Strategic Futures Task Force. Please review and send your feedback to OfficeoftheSrVicePresident.StrategicInitiatives_Administration@csn.edu


7The College of Southern Nevada creates opportunities and enriches lives with inclusive learning and working environments that support diversity and student success. The College fosters economic development, civic engagement, and cultural and scientific literacy, while helping students achieve their educational, professional, and personal goals.


The College of Southern Nevada is recognized as a leader among community colleges in fostering student success.

CSN is committed to:

Exceptional Learning Environments which integrate career and liberal arts education, to shape well-rounded, engaged citizens, employees, and community leaders.

Developing Solution-oriented Strategies to help students overcome barriers to educational access and success.

A Culture of Accountability in which we balance data-informed decision making with flexibility and responsiveness to stakeholders, individuals, and events.

A Collegial Work Environment that makes CSN the “employer of choice” for an exceptional workforce that is engaged in and accountable for the quality of CSN’s learning environment, and benefits from excellent support, growth opportunities, and competitive total compensation packages.

Quality Community Partnerships that provide resources and educational opportunities to develop a skilled workforce.

Cultural and Academic Initiatives that promote the advancement and appreciation of the arts, sciences, and humanities, contributing to the richness of our multicultural community.

Environmental stewardship and public awareness of risks and opportunities for sustainability.

Resource Development, Operational Efficiencies and State‐of‐the‐art Technology that supports an innovative and exemplary learning and working environment.


CSN Values the following:

Lifelong Learning: CSN values a broad-based education because a diverse foundation of knowledge empowers creative thinking, problem solving, and innovation.

Excellence: CSN understands that achieving and surpassing our goals requires care, commitment, and quality, in teaching, learning, scholarship, service, and administration.

Integrity: CSN places fairness, honesty, transparency, and trust at the center of all policies and operations.

Inclusion: CSN embraces diversity because it heals social division and injustice, and promotes creativity, growth, and critical thinking through the integration of many different perspectives.

Academic Freedom: CSN values freedom of thought and speech because open minds and uninhibited discussion are fundamental to teaching, learning, and responsible civic engagement.

Connectedness: CSN builds a collective identity through shared governance, effective communication, and collaboration among students, faculty, staff, and community members.

This has been an exciting semester and I certainly hope those of you who are off for the summer enjoy the time and rest. We will see you Monday, Aug. 22, for our Convocation Kickoff at the South Point Hotel & Casino. Look for more information about that event to come soon.

Best wishes,







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CSN & NSC to Award Scholarships at CCSD Reclaim Your Future Celebration Thursday

News logo

For Immediate Release:

Contact:          Richard Lake, CSN Public Relations Specialist, 702-651-7715, Richard.Lake@csn.edu

CSN & NSC to Award Scholarships at CCSD Reclaim Your Future Celebration Thursday

LAS VEGAS, May 11, 2016 – The College of Southern Nevada and Nevada State College are proud to participate in the Clark County School District’s Reclaim Your Future Breakfast on Thursday, May 12, to help celebrate the hard work and dedication of 500 seniors who began their final high school year off-track and are now scheduled to graduate!

CSN President Michael D. Richards and NSC officials will each give away two scholarships at the event. Media are encouraged to attend to speak to seniors about their stories and also hear from educators and community leaders that have been there to support them.

“These students have overcome a number of obstacles to graduate and their community’s college is going to be there tomorrow to cheer them on,” Richards said. “We aim to let these students know the College of Southern Nevada wants to be their next step to success.”

“Nevada State College is proud to congratulate and provide scholarships to these seniors who have overcome adversity in order to graduate,” said NSC President Bart Patterson. “They are a shining example of the strength and determination of our Southern Nevada students. We are happy to celebrate their accomplishments and wish them well in their future endeavors.”

What: 5th Annual CCSD Reclaim Your Future Breakfast

Where: Texas Station, Dallas Ballroom

When: Thursday, May 12, 2016. Note: The breakfast begins at 9:30 a.m. The program starts at 10 a.m. and scholarships are expected to be presented at 11 a.m.

About CSN:

Founded in 1971 and educating thousands of students a semester, the College of Southern Nevada (csn.edu) is the state’s largest and most ethnically diverse higher education institution. CSN offers more than 200 degree and certificate options in more than 130 areas of study, including 25 degree and certificate programs available entirely online. Students create flexible, personalized schedules, including day, evening, and weekend classes taught on three main campuses and multiple locations throughout Southern Nevada. CSN — your future starts here.

About Nevada State College

Nevada State College, a four-year public institution, is a member of the Nevada System of Higher Education. NSC places a special emphasis on the advancement of a diverse and largely under-served student population. Located on a developing 500-acre campus in the foothills of Henderson, Nevada, the college was established in 2002 as a new tier in the state system between the research universities and the two-year colleges. In this role, the college emphasizes high-quality instruction, exemplary service, engaging learning experiences, and innovation as a means to more efficient, effective outcomes in all corners of the campus. Since 2002, Nevada State College has grown to offer more than 40 majors and minors, has received independent accreditation and has expanded its physical campus. Committed to fostering a personal learning environment, students are taught by faculty who serve as mentors and guides in classrooms with an average class size of only 27 students. Nevada State College serves approximately 3,400 students and has over 3,000 alumni, each representing a broad array of cultural and economic backgrounds. For more information, visit http://nsc.edu.

#   #   #


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April Chronicle

Welcome to the April Chronicle. There is much to discuss, including information about a multi-campus district study, the Board of Regents’ legislative strategies and more.

CSN Multi-Campus District Model Study

At the end of March, CSN President Michael Richards and ASCSN President Brenda Romero held the Presidents' Chats on each campus.

At the end of March, CSN President Michael Richards and ASCSN President Brenda Romero held the Presidents’ Chats on each campus.

The Board of Regents held a special meeting on Friday and approved the initiation of a feasibility study to look at transitioning CSN from a multi-campus single college to a multi-campus district model. Our Institutional Advisory Council has also endorsed the study. We will work with the system to propose an outline of the committee and timetables, which we will report to the Board of Regents Committee on Community Colleges at the next meeting. I hope to engage faculty, staff, students, Institutional Advisory Council and community members on this study to create improved service at each of our three campuses.

CSN Budget Priorities
The Board also discussed and endorsed legislative priorities at the Friday meeting. These are separate from ‘roll up’ items that include caseload growth and continued funding for the UNLV medical school. They will finalize these operational and capital priorities in June and then vote on them at a special Board of Regents meeting in August.

Operational enhancements:

  • Faculty & Staff Compensation

The Governor directed state entities to build classified step increases into their budget requests and NSHE will request its equivalent for professional merit, which is approximately 2.5 percent. While the final merit calculation will not be completed until base budgets are constructed this summer, they estimate the request will be approximately $10 million to $10.5 million in FY 18 and $20m -$21m in FY 19.

  • Formula Enhancement for Community Colleges

This would be an increase in the weight for certain Career & Technical Education credits completed and would equate to an additional estimated $7 million each year for CSN.

  • A Technical Formula Adjustment for DRI
  • The Workforce Innovations for a New Nevada (WINN) Fund

While this rapid response workforce training fund, enacted in the 2015 special legislative session, will not likely be part of the NSHE budget, the Board will discuss a resolution to support continued funding of this priority in the Governor’s budget.

  • Silver State Opportunity Grant

NSHE is requesting that funding for the program be made permanent and that the Board request an additional $5 million in funding to expand the program to serve students enrolled in at least 12 credits, first serving students enrolled in 15 credits, with the remaining funds then serving students enrolled in at least 12 credits until all such funds are exhausted.

  • Increasing Capacity System Wide

This sums up projects proposed by each institution to expand our ability to meet community needs. As part of this, CSN has proposed three pilot projects and workforce training redesign, which are described in more detail here.

Capital Priorities

CSN’s proposed Health and Science building in collaboration with Nevada State College was third on the board’s capital priority list Friday. UNR’s engineering building was first and NSC’s educational facility was second. There will likely be more discussion on these at the June meeting.

Express Enrollment Days

The Henderson Campus Master Plan

The Henderson Campus Master Plan

In preparation for the fall 2016 enrollment term, CSN will have numerous Express Enrollment Days beginning in June and ending in early August. Similar to the former Enrollment Bootcamp events, Express Enrollment Days will offer first-time, new-to-college students the opportunity to complete the first matriculation steps in one day:

  • Placement testing for English, reading, and math
  • Academic advising
  • Orientation (in-person sessions available only during July and August dates; online orientation available 24/7)

While all first-time college students are encouraged to participate in Express Enrollment activities, all 2016 high school graduates from Nevada and out of state are required to complete placement, advising and orientation steps before registering for classes. To participate in Express Enrollment, students must register online in advance at either www.csn.edu/orientation or www.csn.edu/expressenrollment. Students will need to bring a valid photo ID and their NSHE ID number.

First Steps (formerly known as Mandatory Matriculation Policy)
I think we can all rally around the need for fewer acronyms and making higher education lexicon more student friendly. Therefore, I am happy to announce that we are changing the name of what was formerly called the Mandatory Matriculation Policy to First Steps. This is the Achieving the Dream expanded pilot requiring all recent high school graduates to complete placement testing, advising and orientation before enrolling. Aptly named, First Steps is the process we aspire to one day have all new students first complete prior to enrollment.

Collective Bargaining
As discussed in an email I sent last week, collective bargaining has passed and I look forward to working with our chapter of the Nevada Faculty Alliance on a contract over the coming months. By law, there is a 60-day period during which both the bargaining unit and CSN management will prepare to engage in the bargaining process.

A CSN graduate from the class of 2015 celebrates receiving his diploma.

A CSN graduate from the class of 2015 celebrates receiving his diploma.

Commencement – The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Commencement will take place Monday, May 16, at the Thomas & Mack. I hope you will join us as we help celebrate thousands of CSN graduates. There are also a number of very important multi-cultural celebrations that will take place. For more information, click here to RSVP.


New CSN School of Math and Science Dean

Dr. John Adlish

Dr. John Adlish

Please join me in welcoming Dr. John Adlish as CSN’s new dean of the School of Science and Mathematics. He starts July 1. Dr. Adlish comes to us via TMCC, where he serves as chair of the Faculty Senate. He previously served as a dean there as well. A biologist by training, he has had a distinguished career involving research and publications, and is a graduate of both the University of Nevada, Reno and the University of Nevada School of Medicine.


Outstanding Student Awards Announced

CSN 2013 Outstanding Student Awards Ceremony

CSN 2013 Outstanding Student Awards Ceremony

Congratulations to this year’s Outstanding Student Awards recipients. What a wonderful bunch of students who have been chosen. That you to all the academic departments for the nominations!

  • Bethany Williams, Accounting, Finance & Computer Office Technology
  • Benjamin Sadberry, Applied Technologies
  • Jessica Veach, Biological Sciences
  • Curtis Chamblee, Business Administration
  • Caryn Puritz, Communication
  • Colin Izumo, Computing & Information Technology
  • Nikko Angelo Religioso, Education
  • Alejandra Muneton-Carrera, English6
  • Aubrey Williams, Fine Arts
  • Jeanette Katzenmeyer, Health Related Professions
  • Elene Lev, Hospitality Management
  • Valentin Sanchez, Human Behavior
  • Steve Ibraham, International Languages
  • Ariel Blockovich, Mathematics
  • Gary Mors, Media Technologies
  • Jennifer Sou, Nursing
  • John Dye, Physical Sciences
  • Sabrina Matson, Public Safety & Human Services
  • Joseph Dotson, Social Sciences
  • Christel Marie San Diego, Regents’ Scholar
  • Sarah Rinehart, Kim Gregory Memorial Scholarship Recipient

CSN Nurses Standout at National Conference7

Nursing faculty advisor, Karen Bearer, reports that she and four students — Mayra Rivera, David Alvarez, Dawn Gonzalez, and Regie Layog — were able to attend the National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA) Convention in Orlando last month. The students took the opportunity to learn about disaster preparedness, writing skills and pharmacology, among other topics. A first in CSN nursing’s history was also accomplished during the convention. It was the first time the CSN Student Nurses’ Association presented a resolution to the NSNA’s House of Delegates. The resolution supported increasing awareness and education regarding injection safety for patients, and was unanimously passed and adopted by the NSNA. Congratulations to our students for their accomplishment!

PTK Advisor Bruno Rhodes Honored

CSN PTK Advisor and English Professor Bruno Rhodes

CSN PTK Advisor and English Professor Bruno Rhodes

Congratulations are due to English Professor and PTK Advisor Bruno Rhodes, who was selected as one of Phi Theta Kappa’s 2016 Distinguished Advisors. PTK is the national honor society for students at two-year colleges. The Distinguished Advisor Award recognizes advisors who have served at least four years and have made significant contributions to the growth of the individual chapter members, served as the chapter’s advocate on campus, and encouraged the chapter to be involved on the local, regional, and/or international level of the organization.


Cardiorespiratory Sciences Achievement9

Our Respiratory Care Program received some great news recently: It was among a select group of programs that will be recognized by the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care to receive the Distinguished RRT Credentialing Success Award. The award is considered to be a measure of a program’s success in inspiring its graduates to achieve their highest educational and professional aspirations. What it means for CSN’s students is that they can expect the very best from this top-notch program.

All College Committee Openings
It is also time to solicit interest in serving on all-college committees. If you would like to be considered for any of the following committees, please email K.C. Brekken your committee of choice by June 15, 2016. We will send the comprehensive list to the vice presidents and respective chairs, after which you may be contacted by the chair to fill any vacancies that arise during the next academic year. I’d like to note that this process is in its third year and is a recommendation from the Work Climate Committee based on survey recommendations from the college. Committee participation is critical to a healthy shared-governance system.

All-College Committees

CSN held its first Human Library event this month in which volunteers became human books. Presented by the CSN Library and the Queer-Inclusive Campus Committee, the Human Library living “books” made their experiences open and available, and “readers,” or those visiting the library, had a one-on-one or group conversation. The Human Library event was developed to create dialogue and understanding between people who might otherwise never interact.

CSN held its first Human Library event this month in which volunteers became human books.
Presented by the CSN Library and the Queer-Inclusive Campus Committee, the Human Library living “books” made their experiences open and available, and “readers,” or those visiting the library, had a one-on-one or group conversation. The Human Library event was developed to create dialogue and understanding between people who might otherwise never interact.

  • Academic Technology Advisory Committee
  • Achieving the Dream
  • Animal Care and Use Committee
  • Charleston Campus Steering Committee
  • Cheyenne Campus Steering Committee
  • Henderson Campus Steering Committee
  • Commencement Committee
  • Hispanic Serving Institution Task Force
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Faculty & Staff Questions

Why do we have multi-cultural graduation celebrations?

These celebrations are done at many higher education institutions. They represent one of many strategic activities we have at CSN to help eliminate longstanding gaps in degree-attainment that have a direct impact and lead to disparate socioeconomic conditions. According to recent data from the Lumina Foundation, 37.4 percent of white residents in Nevada, age 25-64, have a college degree compared to 24 percent of African Americans and 13.8 percent of Hispanics in our state. Celebrations that highlight these under-represented graduates’ accomplishments among their family, friends, with their faculty and staff are important to help create the college-going culture we all want for our state. I hope you’ll join us at these events and of course, at the Commencement Ceremony on May 16.

What’s the difference between different proposals to remove Nevada’s community colleges from the Nevada System of Higher Education and the multi-campus district model that we will be studying?

I understand that there is a lot of confusion between these two. There are some public officials who advocate that Nevada’s four community colleges should be governed by a separate board, apart from the Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents.

However, Regents approved a study to transition CSN from a multi-campus single college, as it is now, to a multi-campus district model, still under the Board of Regents. This study will examine if CSN should create more autonomous campuses with a more horizontal structure, similar to many of our peer colleges throughout the nation.

Now that we are expanding athletics by adding soccer teams this year, do you think this will impact our competitive edge as an educational institution?

This will enhance our competitive edge for several reasons. CSN athletes are very successful academically and can only add to our culture of student success. I also believe having a competitive soccer team for men and women, in a community that embraces this sport, will not only spread more awareness about CSN as an academic institution but as an athletic opportunity throughout the region.

CSN’s administration has a history of promoting equity among employee groups. With the new collective bargaining agreement in place with academic faculty, how will the college ensure continued equity between different employee groups at CSN?

Over the next few months, we will have much discussion about how to incorporate the new collective bargaining system into our organizational culture. CSN has received accolades for our shared governance from our accrediting body and I prize the relationships we have among our employee groups. I have every intention of maintaining and protecting equity for all of our employees, including their ability to contribute to college decision making.

With CSN exploring new administrative structures, employees are concerned about how such changes might affect their roles on campus, especially those employees that provide services at multiple campus locations. Looking at the big picture is important, but how might these big picture changes affect those employees working with students on the “front lines”?
This is an excellent question and one that must be worked out through the course of the feasibility study. I hope that employees are not anxious about potential structural shifts. Change can be uncomfortable, but if studied well and implemented collaboratively, it can be done far more smoothly. Keep in mind that the impetus for this change is to further empower our employees working with students and to diminish the distance between leadership, employees and students.

The Northwest campus is often been referred to as the S.T.E.M. or S.T.E.A.M. Campus. studies show that the arts are crucial for the development of science, technology, engineering and math, will the Northwest campus have an “A”?

Adding the arts is highly likely.  As the feasibility study on CSN manageability or decentralization proceeds, there is an important principle included in the plan for the study:  campuses will have a comprehensive curriculum for general education.   Should the student committee adopt that principle, the arts will be part of the curriculum that is offered.




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