RSVP Today for CSN Day at the Legislature

Dear Faculty and Staff,

As you’re aware, CSN Day at the Legislature is fast approaching. On Monday, March 25, CSN students, faculty and staff are encouraged to participate in our state’s legislative process in Carson City. We have posted a document listing CSN’s legislative priorities for this 80th (2019) Session of the Nevada Legislature.

Faculty and staff who wish to participate in CSN Day at the Legislature are responsible for paying their own travel, lodging and food costs. However, faculty and staff need to request approval for annual leave to participate. If you’re a faculty or staff member who wishes to participate in CSN Day at the Legislature, please email Mariana Kihuen, Interim Director of Government Affairs, at

We want to remind you that:

  • The purpose of CSN Day at the Legislature is to allow students and staff to express their personal views to legislators.
  • Students and employees cannot communicate on behalf of someone else or state that they are there on behalf of CSN or the Board of Regents.
  • The Board of Regents and CSN have publicized their budget requests and priorities for CSN, and employees are encouraged to express their personal support for or viewpoints about those priorities.
  • Employees may express their views to individual legislators in conversations, through email or other written submissions or during public comment periods during committee hearings.
  • Employees may state their occupation and employer for context when speaking to legislators, but should clarify they are stating only their personal views and experiences.

If you have any questions about CSN Day at the Legislature, please contact Mariana Kihuen, Interim Director of Government Affairs, at or 702-651-7719.

Go Coyotes!


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CSN Faculty & Staff Earn Tenure

Congratulations to the following individuals, who were awarded tenure today by the Board of Regents.
• Anthony Adamo, World Languages
• Brad Kevin Brady, Advising/Counseling and First Year Experience
• Kaylee Baucom, English
• Janelle Benedetti, Advising/Counseling and First Year Experience
• Dr. Francis Joseph Carleton III, Social Sciences
• Shawn Claxton, Advising/Counseling and First Year Experience
• Jessica L. Dycus, Health Related Professions
• Joseph Gormley, Hospitality Management
• Braiden W. Green, Criminal Justice and Emergency Services
• Dr. William Kwon, Social Sciences
• Michael McDonald, Accounting, Finance & Computer Office Technology
• Dr. Robert L. MacDonald, Social Sciences
• Dr. John B. Min, Social Sciences
• Luis Ortega, Advising/Counseling and First Year Experience
• Emily Rafael, Advising/Counseling and First Year Experience
• Joseph Ryan, Computing and Information Technology
• Dr. James Theoret, Biological Sciences
• Staci Walters, Fine Arts
• Walker Weimer, English
• Erin Windsor, Biological Sciences
• Dr. Diana Woodhouse, Communication

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CSN Looking For Qualified Campus Vice President Candidates

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February 2019 Chronicle

February​​ 2019​​ 

As we begin the​​ spring​​ semester, I want to thank you for continuing to​​ put​​ student success at the forefront of everything we do. I spoke about this focus at​​ spring convocation and again at​​ an​​ NSHE student success summit​​ held last month.​​ 


During this summit, I presented our student success plans​​ for the next five years. These plans included student achievement goals along with the strategic and tactical plans to help accomplish​​ them.​​ Our student success plan is focused on best practice strategies and tactics to help us increase course completion, student persistence​​ and​​ completion,​​ and to do all of​​ it​​ with a lens on equity and closing achievement gaps.​​ 


Student​​ success means that students first graduate, complete, transfer, and prosper and moving the needle will​​ not​​ be​​ easy work. We know that​​ it will take​​ all of us,​​ every member of the CSN​​ family​​ to engage and​​ commit​​ to work​​ toward our​​ student success​​ goals.​​ 


Our next opportunity for collaboration is upon us as we prepare for the next step on our guided pathways journey with the launch our new admission application and areas of study, which you can read more about below.​​ 


-​​ Federico


In this issue:

  • Student Success

  • Student Union Update

  • Director of Government Affairs

  • Stop​​ the Bleed Campaign

  • Office Keys Update

  • Celebrating Black History Month​​ 

  • Baseball & Softball Opener

  • HVAC Center of Excellence

  • Drone Demo

  • Spring 2019 Enrollment Update​​ 


Read the President’s Blog


Inside CSN


Student Success​​ 

We will reach crucial milestone March 1​​ in our​​ efforts to boost student success​​ with the launch of our new admission application and the implementation of Areas of Study, known in higher education​​ circles​​ as meta majors.​​ We have​​ 11​​ Areas of Study: Art & Design; Biological & Physical Sciences; Business; Education; Computing & Engineering Technologies; Health Sciences; Hospitality & Culinary Arts; Humanities & Communication; Industry, Manufacturing, Construction & Transportation;​​ Public Safety; and Social & Behavioral Sciences.​​ These Areas of Study were developed in response to the need for a clear path to completion with a narrowed set of choices that support their success. Research has shown that a long list of degree and certificate choices can be intimidating and causes confusion for new students, not to mention the added cost and lost time caused by a poorly chosen major.​​ The new student application is an exciting addition to our student success efforts.​​ The creation of​​ custom applications by student type ensures we are collecting the right data and communicating with them based on their specific journey.​​ 


While​​ everyone should learn more about our Guided Pathways efforts at the link below, those that​​ provide services to new students or are involved in our outreach efforts​​ should​​ check back periodically for new materials that may be useful as you help our new students come into CSN and choose a Coyote Pathway that fits their goals.​​ 

Pathways​​ for​​ Student Success


Student Union Update​​ 

Wow, look at this aerial photo of the student union under construction on the Henderson Campus. I am pleased to report that construction of all three student unions is on time and on budget. Our students have been asking for these buildings for years, voting overwhelmingly in support of​​ using​​ student fees to pay for them. While these buildings will transform each of our campuses when they open in the fall 2019 semester, they will also transform the student experience. The unions will include food courts, meeting rooms, study space, courtyards, student government offices, advising offices, a multicultural center and other student service. I am so excited for our students.​​ 



Director of Government Affairs​​ 

I am pleased to announce that Mariana Kihuen is CSN’s new interim director of government affairs.​​ Kihuen, a Las Vegas native,​​ has taught political science at CSN​​ for the past two years and previously practiced law in Las Vegas.​​ She is a Rancho High School graduate and graduated​​ cum laude​​ with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Government and English from Georgetown University.​​ She​​ received her Juris Doctor from the American University Washington College of Law in Washington, D.C., and has​​ experience​​ as a Clark County Public Defender, a political​​ and media​​ consultant, a lawyer in private practice,​​ and working on local, state, and federal campaigns, including on the successful congressional campaign of her brother, Ruben Kihuen.​​ She​​ comes on board just in time, as this year’s legislative session​​ started yesterday.​​ She will be leading CSN’s legislative efforts, which means she will champion our top priorities: the Health & Science building on the Henderson Campus, Northwest Campus planning funds, the Prison Education Program, and a Nevada Promise Scholarship​​ fix.​​ Remember, you can be an advocate for our students too by writing and calling your legislators, and by participating in CSN Day at the Legislature on March 25. Look for more details on that event soon.



Stop the Bleed Campaign ​​​​ 

I am pleased to report that the Stop​​ the Bleed courses we are offering have had over 500 CSN faculty & staff attend, as well as more than 100 students. We’ll continue offering the courses throughout this spring semester through CAPE. Please find the time to attend this important training. Emergency Manager Greg Gammon is available to teach the course during class if requested by faculty.​​ 

Contact​​ Greg Gammon​​ 


Office Keys Update

As I mentioned in last month’s Chronicle, Facilities Management will be changing out the door key cores to all office doors to help increase the security of our buildings and the safety of our faculty, staff and students. This change will take place at all campuses and satellites. Once the cores have been changed, the existing keys will no longer work.​​ During this process, Facilities will be contacting faculty and staff to arrange for the distribution of the new offices keys. We apologize for the inconvience, but please know that this action will make us all safer.​​ 



CSN​​ Events


Celebrating Black History Month

I had a wonderful time last month at the Martin Luther King Jr. Parade in downtown Las Vegas. What a pleasure it was to join CSN students and members of the community to honor a gifted leader who was taken away from us too soon. This month, we are celebrating Black History Month. In doing so, we celebrate the accomplishments of great Americans like Dr. King who helped this nation become what it is today. The story of black history is the story of America, for without one the other could not exist. There will be many events throughout the month focusing on black history, and I encourage you to attend them. While these events offer black Americans an opportunity to explore their heritage, they also give all of us an opportunity to gain a fuller perspective of the contributions of black Americans to our nation.​​ 

Attend a​​ Diversity Event


Baseball & Softball Opener

It’s baseball and softball season, which means your Coyotes have taken the field! The CSN Coyotes baseball team hosted the 2019 Manny Guerra Coyote Border Battle to open the season last month. The tournament honored the life and legacy of longtime Las Vegas baseball scout Manny Guerra. His son, Mike, threw out the first pitch and a bronze plaque honoring his commitment to local baseball was unveiled. The Lady Coyotes softball team also opened its season last month with the CSN Kickoff Classic. Both teams have the potential to be serious contenders this year, so get out and show your support. Go Coyotes!

Attend a​​ Game!


HVAC Center of Excellence