August Cabinet Minutes

Cabinet Notes

August 13, 2012

Cabinet Members:

President Mike Richards
K.C. Brekken, Director, Communications
Constance Brooks, Director, Government Affairs & Diversity Initiatives  
Thomas Brown, Senior Advisor to the President
Travis Brown, President, Student Government
Patty Charlton, Senior Vice President for Finance & Administration – absent
Darren Divine, Vice President, Academic Affairs   
Darin Dockstader, Faculty Senate Chair-Elect – absent
Richard Hinckley, General Counsel
Santos Martinez, Vice President for Student Affairs  
Jacque Matthews, Executive Director, Foundation  
Joan McGee, Chief Campus Administrator, Charleston Campus  
Charles Milne, Faculty Senate Chair
Rob Telles, President, Classified Council
Josh Ruter, Interim Campus Manager, Henderson Campus
Mugunth Vaithylingam, Chief Information Officer   
Nancy Webb, Chair, Administrative Faculty Assembly

The meeting was called to order by Dr. Richards at 9 a.m.

The notes of the June & July cabinet meetings were approved. Dr. Richards reviewed upcoming dates including the Adjunct Impact Conference on August 18, Convocation August 20 and the Special Board of Regents Meeting on August 24.

Joan McGee is meeting with key employees to discuss progress on the CSN Strategic Plan (Enterprise 10-17) today after the cabinet meeting. The progress report is in its final stages before being presented to the Cabinet and posted on the web page.

K.C. Brekken reminded everyone to RSVP for convocation and the President’s Round Table discussions. She also informed everyone about a town hall at the Cheyenne campus in the Telecommunications Auditorium. The public is invited to the event which features prominent GOP members.

Travis Brown said Student Government has planned some events to encourage student involvement at CSN, including: Fall Kickoffs September 4,5,6 at each campus, Club Rush September 11,12,13; and the CSN Supershow at the Charleston campus October 4. The Supershow will feature music, talent, show cars and many vendors. It will take place on the Charleston campus in the general area between the L Building and the G Building.

Darren Divine encouraged everyone to attend the 2nd annual Adjunct Impact Conference at the Texas Station on August 18. The keynote speaker will be a Senior Analyst from the Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE), whose presentation will include videos of student focus groups around the country. Dr. Martinez and Dr. Divine are working with CCSSE to possibly have student focus groups here at CSN. Santos and Darren are also working to freshen up the welcome back events for students. Dr. Divine also reported that over 40 new faculty members were hired this year to meet the demand for instructors.

Charles Milne reported the Policy for Faculty Evaluations is moving forward. A committee has been formed and a consultant hired to assist in the process. He also reported that there has been a good turnout of faculty at the Funding Formula meetings and that Faculty Senate Chairs have been invited to participate in NSHE’s salary review.

Mugunth Vaithylingam said there is currently an aggressive refresh taking place in about 100 classrooms. OTS is also working to standardize resets to laptops, and when a laptop is worked on, the resolution settings will automatically be set to the individual machine. Mugunth reported a $60K gift-in-kind from Cedar Crestone which will be used in the renovation of D-101 on the Charleston campus. He also reminded everyone of the importance of changing log on passwords regularly, not sharing passwords and not writing passwords down. It is just as important to lock your computer when you walk away from it. Locking can be done easily by pressing the ‘Windows’ key and ‘L’ at the same time, or Ctrl-Alt-Del and choosing ‘lock computer.’

Dr. Richards said that Constance Brooks will be splitting her time between CSN and NSHE for her government relations duties, and a search will be held for a diversity coordinator to assume her diversity responsibilities at CSN. He sent an announcement on August 7 to “all,” outlining the transition.

Dr. Richards reminded everyone that the funding formula subcommittee would submit recommendations to the Board of Regents on August 24, and the Regents would submit the approved recommendations to the LCB on August 29.

A Bachelor’s Degree program in Medical Lab Science will begin this fall at CSN, followed next fall by Cardiorespiratory Science. These two Bachelor’s Degrees are no longer offered at UNLV.

Meeting adjourned at 9:40 a.m.


Next meeting scheduled September 10, 2012.



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