Community in Recovery


It has been a difficult week for our community, but it has also been a time that has shown us how strong we can all be when we pull together. Our thoughts continue to be with those who lost loves ones and those who are recovering from the tragic events of Sunday night on the Las Vegas Strip.

CSN is a part of this community, and when the community hurts we hurt. We have had several inquiries about whether any of our students were affected by Sunday night’s violence. We know that perhaps a dozen or more CSN students were in attendance at the event, and we know of one student who was wounded. The student is recovering in a local hospital. Thankfully we know of no other students who were injured and none who were killed.

Please remember that help is available for anyone who needs it, through CAPS for our students and through the Employee Assistance Program for faculty and staff. We are here to support this community, and that includes you.

I am proud that CSN is this community’s college, and I am proud to call southern Nevada my home.



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