January 2019 Chronicle

January​​ 2019​​ 

I know that most of you share​​ my​​ excitement and anticipation for our spring 2019 semester. ​​ There is so much going on at CSN,​​ and this issue allows me to share some of this exciting news, including a preview of the legislative session, exciting facilities developments, and a new grant that will help us make our community safer. But our collective bottom line is geared to promote student success,​​ which means our students first graduate, complete, transfer, and prosper.

-​​ Federico



In this issue:

  • 2019 Legislative Priorities

  • Police Southern Command

  • Salary Study Update

  • Convocation Week

  • Student Union Celebration

  • HVAC Center of Excellence

  • New Department Chairs

  • WINN Grant​​ 

  • Business Accreditation​​ 

  • Campus Safety

  • Holiday Party Photos

  • Food Bank Support

  • Spring 2019 Enrollment


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Students First


2019​​ Legislative Priorities ​​​​ 

I​​ am excited about CSN’s future as we head into the 2019 legislative session.​​ Our funding priorities reflect our overall priority: student success. As you know, CSN is at capacity. Without expanding our physical facilities we cannot grow and continue adequately serving southern Nevada’s critical workforce and economic needs and the students​​ who depend on us for their higher education. As such, we will present the following funding requests to the Legislature this year:​​ 

  • Health & Science Building - $70,763,741. This building, which we will operate on the Henderson Campus in partnership with Nevada State College, will change the very nature of health care education in southern Nevada. In 2017, more than 1,800 nursing jobs went unfilled in our region, making it crystal clear that CSN has a responsibility to train more nurses. This building will help us do that. The project is ranked as the number one priority not only by CSN, but also by the Southern Nevada Forum.​​ 

  • Northwest Campus Planning - $3,749,055. This 40-acre campus will be located on the corner of Durango and Elkhorn in northwest Las Vegas. We are requesting planning funds to develop the first building on the site, including site development and infrastructure necessary to support the new campus.

  • Prison Education Program - $330,000. This was established during the 2017 legislative session and it has been a tremendous success. Fifty men and 50 women have earned college credits in the program, and six are now working or in college.​​ 

  • Nevada Promise Scholarship fix. This last-dollar scholarship has proven itself to be a critical initiative for CSN. We had 1,200 new students last fall because of it. NSHE is taking the lead on this proposal as it incorporates changes from CSN, GBC,​​ TMCC​​ and WNC.

Now it’s time for us all to do our parts by calling and writing our legislators to lobby for our college and our students. We will host a CSN Day at the Legislature once again this year, scheduled for Monday, March 25. Look for details on that endeavor soon, and please plan on attending if at all possible. Our students need all the support they can get.​​ 

Read​​ Details Here​​ 


Inside CSN


Police Southern Command ​​ 

I am pleased to join the presidents of UNLV, Nevada State College and Desert Research Institute in announcing that Adam Garcia has accepted the new position of associate vice president and director, Southern Command Police Services.​​ Chief​​ Garcia joins us after an extensive search, interviews, and campus visits. He is expected to start on February 11.


Garcia has more than 35 years of experience, including the last 17 years as assistant vice president and director of University Police Services at UNR. He previously served as an officer and a public safety director in Michigan and has served on the state of Nevada Homeland Security Commission. In his new position Garcia will lead the consolidation of the police functions, as he did for the northern NSHE institutions. He will report to the four southern NSHE presidents. Garcia has master’s degrees in criminal justice and political science and a proven record of leadership, including experience with diverse groups within a community policing culture.


Please join me in congratulating and welcoming Adam Garcia to the CSN family in his new role.  



Salary Study Update ​​​​ 

We have created a salary study web page to help keep you informed about this important issue. Visit the link below to see a brief overview statement of the study and a copy of the December 7 kickoff presentation given by Gallagher Salary Consultants.​​ 


As additional information​​ becomes available we will update the site, so please check back regularly.​​ Additionally, if you have questions about the​​ salary​​ study you can email those to:​​ 2018SalaryStudy@csn.edu

View the​​ Salary Study Web Page​​ 


Convocation Week

Please​​ take advantage of the​​ numerous professional development opportunities available to faculty and staff this week from CAPE.​​ Visit their website​​ below​​ to learn more.​​ 

Visit​​ CAPE​​ 


Student Union Celebration

What an amazing event we had on the North Las Vegas Campus last month when the final beams were placed atop the student union in what is traditionally called a Topping Off celebration. Sherri Payne and her team are doing a wonderful job​​ overseeing this project as identical unions are constructed on each campus. As you know, each union will have a food court, large and small meeting rooms, study space, courtyards, student government offices, advising offices, a multicultural center and sitting areas. We are all so excited to watch the buildings rise.​​ 

Read​​ News Coverage​​ and See More Photos​​ 


HVAC Center of Excellence

We have scheduled a grand opening ceremony for March 1 for our newly renovated​​ Air Conditioning Technology​​ Center of Excellence on the Western High School campus. This 33,000-square-foot facility now has the latest technology and equipment in the industry, and more importantly it has allowed us to consolidate the HVAC programs into one facility.​​ This means our students will no longer have to travel between campuses​​ for the same program.​​ Not only are HVAC courses offered there, but so are required general education courses.​​ Students are able to specialize in five different HVAC​​ pathways, including residential​​ air​​ conditioning,​​ food​​ service​​ refrigeration,​​ critical​​ systems,​​ central plant and​​ building​​ automation.



New​​ Interim​​ Department Chairs