April 2019 Chronicle

April​​ 2019

This edition of the Chronicle documents​​ the progress of our collective efforts to meet the​​ workforce and education needs of​​ southern Nevada and to ensure that our students graduate, complete, transfer and prosper. Commencement is around the corner and early indications are that we will​​ again​​ have a record number of graduates and completers. There is good news all around this month, with an impressive showing at the Nevada Legislature, donations coming in for the Health & Science Building, and our relationships with our educational partners and local business and industry getting stronger.

We are working on many fronts but with one focus:​​ student success. In these times, communication is essential, and I have committed to our Faculty Senate and CSN family that I am committed to improving our internal communications and shared governance protocols. I will need your help, your ideas, and your engagement to continue our collective journey from good to​​ great. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the semester and I hope you are too. 

​​ -​​ Federico


In this issue:

  • CSN Day at the Legislature

  • CSN Foundation

  • Complete College America

  • Student Government Elections​​ 

  • Awards Deadline Extended

  • Strategic Planning Forums

  • Diversity Week

  • Cannabis Classes

  • IT Assessment Results

  • Salary Study Update

  • Part-Time Faculty Survey

  • Spring 2019 Enrollment


Read the President’s Blog


Students First


CSN Day at the Legislature

To put it simply: I was blown away by our students participating​​ in CSN Day at the Legislature last month.


I joined the students for an overnight bus trip on a Sunday evening and we spent a long day Monday visiting with lawmakers, touring various buildings in the capital and testifying on behalf of the Nevada Promise scholarship program.​​ Our students were able to see democracy in action and I am thankful to those at CSN who helped make this day happen. 


In addition, legislators also heard testimony last month the new Health & Sciences Building on our Henderson Campus. More than a dozen organizations testified in favor of the​​ project, and we couldn’t be more grateful for their support.​​ 

Read More About the​​ Health & Science Building Testimony


CSN Foundation

The CSN Foundation has been doing a great job raising money for the Health & Sciences Building, thanks to​​ dedicated community organizations who understand how important healthcare education is to southern Nevada.​​ 


The Associated Students of the College of Southern Nevada donated $25,000 to help fund the building. Our students recognized this is an important endeavor for CSN, especially for nursing program, which is limited partially because of space constraints.​​ In addition,​​ the Foundation recently received $40,000 from Dignity Health, $60,000 from Southwest Gas, and $100,000 from Nevada State Bank! We could not be more thrilled about the generosity​​ shown toward our students.​​ 



Complete College America ​​ 

Later this week, we will host a two-day​​ Southern Nevada Metro Momentum Planning Academy​​ as we continue our work with Complete College America​​ and our local partners – all to help bolster student success​​ by making CSN​​ a world-class institution. During the planning academy, we will begin to put specific plans around this project in place. I am excited to see the ideas and action plans that emerge. As you remember, we launched this partnership in November and held​​ a Southern Nevada Metro Momentum Pathways​​ summit at UNLV​​ last month. The work we engage in with NSHE, UNLV, NSC, the City of Las Vegas and the United Way of Southern Nevada will help develop a coordinated strategy to help each and every student in the system.



Student Government Elections

Student government elections are set for later this month. Please encourage students to participate. Last year, turnout was up over the previous year by more than one-third. With your support, we can get that number even higher. Students who serve in student government not only support their college, they earn scholarships. Voting will take place on all three campuses April 23 & 24. See the link below for details.​​ 

Learn More About​​ ASCSN Elections


Inside CSN


Awards Deadline Extended

The deadline to nominate someone for an Excellence or Distinguished Award has been extended to 5 p.m. April 22, which is the Monday after Spring Break.​​ These awards, which we present each year at Convocation in August, recognize those whose dedication, hard work and commitment to student success shine. There are cash prizes of up to $2,500 available. Please consider nominating a deserving colleague.​​ 

Nominate a​​ Colleague Here


Strategic Planning Forums ​​ 

I want to remind you that it is time to update and codify our strategic plan in accordance with NSHE student success and system goals. This alignment is also critical to our accreditation process and our ability to build on the body of work from the last planning cycle.​​ Today,​​ Tuesday and Wednesday​​ we will hold forums where you can express your perspective and provide input on the future direction of CSN and on our student success agenda designed to increase graduation, completion, and transfer rates.​​ If you were unable to join us at our forums last month,​​ I encourage you to​​ attend one this week and​​ participate in our next phase of our "students first" journey.

Learn More​​ Here​​ 


Part-Time Faculty Survey

Part-time faculty recently received an invitation to our work climate survey on March 26. We want to better understand the experience of our valued part-time faculty at CSN. The information is gathered anonymously and part-time faculty have access to the survey in their email. The survey takes about ten minutes and is due back on April 11. Results will be brought to executive leadership for action in the future. Thank you for supporting part-time faculty participation in the survey.

Learn About the​​ Work Climate Committee


Diversity Week

At CSN we believe our diversity is our strength, and we take every opportunity we can to celebrate that. This year’s Diversity Week celebrations are one example.​​ 

Events this year included a CSN Diversity Festival, a Human Library, a celebration of women’s history, training for communicating across generations and a keynote speech by Wesley Hall about the importance of mentoring.​​ 

Nine different committees within the college community work to make sure CSN is inclusive of all walks of life. Please know that more events are scheduled each month. Check the link below for a full list.

See the​​ Diversity Calendar


Cannabis Classes

CSN’s Division of Workforce & Economic Development will soon launch three personal enrichment classes focused on one of Nevada’s newest industries: Cannabis. As a community college, it is an important part of our mission to be responsive to the needs of the region’s business and industry. The cannabis industry took in more than $500 million in revenue in its first year in Nevada. Clearly there is a need for trained workers in an industry that large. The classes will focus on regulations, history and customer service, among other aspects of the industry.

Read our​​ Press Release


IT Assessment Results

I want to thank everyone who participated in the open forums and interviews related to the IT Assessment Project that CSN leaders conducted with the assistance of Huron Consulting. Key areas for enhancement or improvement include IT governance, strategic planning, risk management, and customer service. One top recommendation was that CSN needs to hire a Chief Information Officer – and this search is already underway! Follow this link to learn more about the IT Assessment recommendations.

Read​​ the Report


Salary Study Update

Please see the link below for​​ a document provided by our​​ salary​​ consultant.​​ The objective of this particular initial analysis performed by the consultant was to determine if there any indications of systematic pay disparities between employees of differing race, age or gender.​​ Please note that the overall Job Description Review and the detailed, individual compression and pay equity analyses are in progress. 

See the​​ Analysis Here​​ and​​ Send​​ Questions Here


Spring 2019 Census Enrollment Numbers

Please review the latest enrollment report at the link below. This updated report reflects our census date total for Spring 2019. This census date is a system-wide standardized reporting date on which each institution provides a snapshot of student data, including preliminary enrollment counts. Visit the​​ Institutional Research​​ web page to see additional enrollment and institutional data.

See the​​ Enrollment Report


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