April 3, 2020 Daily Chronicle

Dear CSN Family,

Today’s email update highlights important information from the Finance Division, which will be a critical area going forward as the economic effects of this crisis come to bear.

First, I want to thank everyone who participated in yesterday’s Virtual Town Hall. We will post the videos soon. There were several questions that focused on the summer term. Following Chancellor Thom Reilly’s direction, we will remain in a remote learning environment through June 30. All CSN classes that are currently being conducted remotely will remain so for the duration of the spring semester.

Please also note that the Board of Regents is scheduled to meet at 1 p.m. Tuesday to discuss a variety of related issues, including grades, commencement ceremonies, delinquent student accounts and the fiscal impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the 2020 and 2021 budgets.

We’ve fielded a lot of questions about the budget, the hiring freeze, and lay-offs. Unfortunately, we don’t have all the answers yet about a budget cut, although we anticipate large cuts in fiscal year 2020-2021. Once we have more information, we will share it with the CSN Family. Our first priority will be to reduce the negative impacts any cuts will have on students. We do expect federal aid to help, but how much that aid will be remains to be determined.

I hope you saw the email earlier this week from Vice President of Finance & Administration Mary Kaye Bailey containing guidance on using a new COVID-19 activity code (AC00994) in Workday for purchasing requisitions, P-Card expenditures, and supplier invoice requests. Your diligence in entering the code in the “additional worktag” field will help us provide accurate information to NSHE and the governor’s office when requested. We have already had one request for this from the governor’s office, so we appreciate your attention in this matter. 

Lastly, I hope that those of you who will be off for spring break next week find a few moments to relax. We know it has been a challenging few weeks for all. Please know that I deeply appreciate all you do for our students, as I express in the first of a series of videos we’ll be creating.

Stay safe and be CSN proud.

Federico Zaragoza
College of Southern Nevada 

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