Student Vaccine Mandate

Dear CSN Family,

On August 20, the Nevada State Board of Health mandated that higher education students with  credit or non-credit enrollment demonstrate completion of the COVID-19 vaccination prior to enrollment for spring 2022 classes. This mandate includes certain exemptions, which includes students who are participating in fully online courses of which no portion of educational requirements include a face-to-face interaction, such as student teaching, laboratory, field experiences, internships, or other student learning. Students who have a documented medical condition that prohibits receiving the vaccination or cannot receive the vaccination based on a religious belief can also request an exemption.  

In the coming days, all students will receive a communication through their CSN student email and preferred email address regarding important information in preparation for spring 2022 registration. A copy of the communication can be found in the MyCSN Communication Center.   

On Friday, October 8, you will find a link available on the CSN main page to the Student Vaccination Requirement webpage where you can learn what documentation will be needed to submit COVID vaccination records or a request for exemption, FAQs, links to forms, and to the option to submit documentation. Questions can be submitted to Wellness@CSN.EDU and responses will be coordinated with the Office of the Registrar.  Spring 2022 registration begins on November 1 and we encourage students to submit documentation as soon as possible. 

The Registrar’s Office will ensure legibility and completeness of submitted forms. Medical and religious vaccination exemptions will be reviewed by a designated CSN Review Committee. Once reviewed, a determination will be communicated to the student including any additional guidance as appropriate. 

As is our practice, we will continue to provide timely information on COVID-19 developments.   

Thank you.

Federico Zaragoza
College of Southern Nevada

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