CSN organization and structure recommendations

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For the last several months an ad hoc committee of faculty and staff has been studying the organization and structure of CSN.  They have issued a report of findings and recommendations, and they have provided results of a survey on decision making and other issues related to CSN’s operations.  Click here for a matrix of the organizational recommendations and my response and/or comments.

The committee was comprised of Dr. Larry Martin (chair), Mary Kaye Bailey, John Bearce, Mark Garner, Belinda Hobson, Ann Johnson, Bill Kerney, Dr. Joshua Levin, Richard Logsdon, Annette Lord, Cat Maihen, Rhett Michelson, John Mueller, Sherri Payne, Alok Pandey, Mark Rauls, Patrick Villa, and Laura Yavitz.  To the members of the committee, I extend my gratitude for their service and for the many hours that were dedicated to the analysis and recommendations.  Thank you.

As you will see from the attached matrix, a number of the recommendations are in process, but several others will take more time and input.  I have asked that major recommendations in the academic area be given more consideration and time for faculty review, primarily because the four community colleges are reviewing how developmental education works or doesn’t work for students.  Rather than implement a major academic recommendation now, it seems prudent to see what transpires in the next several months.  This will also allow our faculty time to return for fall semester and have opportunities for comprehensive input. 

A word, in conclusion, on the survey the committee administered and analyzed.  The survey examined levels of decision making, span of control, and perceptions of authority and responsibility.  It also invited comments—open-ended—and suggestions about CSN.  I want to assure you that my interest is on content and substance.   The outcomes of this survey highlighted challenges with span of control in departments, communication to and from mid-level managers, enhancing the use of best practices, and improving use of technology for greater efficiency.  The survey also provided a basis for a survey of the CSN work climate next year. 

Again, I appreciate the work of the committee.  As always, should you have questions, please let me know.

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