CSN’s Budget Cut Plan

Good afternoon,

Today, I presented the  following budget plan to the Board of Regents. This is a more-detailed version of what we have communicated in the past. I hope you will review this document. The first section is an overview of our reduction process and the various committees and constituents involved in helping to make these difficult decisions. The second part is an overview of how the governor’s proposed budget will impact CSN. The third section is an FAQ, anticipating regents’ questions about our process (some of which you may also have) and the fourth section is a suggested change to business practices that will help us maintain quality. We are proposing to put these quality assurance efforts in place next biennium.

In this document, we address closing centers and tuition increases of 13 percent each year of the biennium. One section I particularly want to draw your attention to is on page 6: As the budget status becomes clear over the coming months, and should additional resources be available through either changes to the sunset tax provision and/or projected changes due to updated Economic Forum forecast, the plan would be revised to 1) reduce the proposed level of increases for registration fees and tuition, and 2) add back some of the sites slated for closure.

We still have many days left of the legislative session and much will change. I look forward to discussing this plan and other ideas you may have in the near future.

I hope that you will reach out and contact your legislative representatives to let them know how you feel about the executive budget and its impact on CSN.

Best regards,


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