New NSHE Funding Model

The chancellor’s proposed funding formula, discussed in this morning’s Review-Journal in an article by Richard Lake, is a good start to creating a transparent and equitable way to distribute state support to our colleges and universities.

CSN students have historically been funded at substandard levels compared to their peers at other community colleges. We are gratified that the model in its current iteration strives to address this large funding gap that has persisted and grown over the last two decades. Looking forward, this will create a fair and equitable funding system for all of Nevada’s higher education institutions, the likes of which we have never experienced.

In particular, I appreciate that this formula recognizes the different missions of the state’s seven teaching institutions. The model rewards colleges and universities if their students complete courses and provides incentives for us to fulfill state and national graduation goals. Most importantly, the proposal allows each college and university to retain fees and tuition so that its students will benefit from their investment in their education.

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