Budget Reduction Plan Update

Dear CSN Family,

I have much news to share with you this evening regarding the state budget, NSHE’s plans, and how that will affect our employees.

Gov. Steve Sisolak issued a memo outlining what is expected to be a significant budget shortfall for fiscal year 2021. This year’s state general fund is expected to be down $900 million and, when combined with the distributed school account, the revenue shortfall is estimated to increase to $1.3 billion in fiscal year 2021 — nearly 30 percent of the entire state operating appropriations for the year.

The governor outlined several measures in the memo and in a video that the state will take to deal with the shortfall, with the goal to limit the number of layoffs. “I am also proposing one furlough day a month for all state employees beginning in July, and a freeze on merit salary increases for Fiscal Year 2021,” the governor’s memo states. The governor’s plan will cover classified employees; Regents already approved furloughs for faculty and professional staff.

In addition, in response to a request from the governor, the NSHE Board of Regents today approved another 5 percent in budget cuts for the upcoming fiscal year that will be added to 14 percent cuts already approved. The new 5 percent cut will come from NSHE market fluctuation account. 

You will recall that the Board in April approved a temporary student fee surcharge, reductions in travel, a hiring freeze and several other measures for fiscal year 2021. We hope the plan we outlined in April, in addition to the addition 5 percent cuts approved today, will be sufficient. However, we cannot predict the outcome of the upcoming special legislative session.

I can assure you that our budget reduction task force is working diligently to identify cost saving measures. I encourage you to engage in our next Town Hall session where we plan to provide you with more details. 

Stay safe and God bless.

Federico Zaragoza
College of Southern Nevada

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