CSN Holiday Angel Program Returns

The CSN Holiday Angel program aims to make their holidays just a little bit happier. 

Over the past 15 Holiday Seasons, faculty and staff have provided gifts to over 2000 children of our own low-income students. For the past 2 years, due to COVID, we have been relegated to collecting monetary donations and giving the families gift cards. Thankfully, this year we are able to go back to our regular program and have solicited gift “wish lists” from these students. Sometimes the request is for a special toy while other times the request is simply for some clothing to wear to school. 

Now we need some caring CSN faculty and staff to help grant these wishes. 

If you agree to be an Angel, we’ll match you with a specific child. You’ll be given that child’s sex and age as well as some gift suggestions and clothing sizes. Then you’ll simply buy a gift or two and bring them back to campus by Finals Week so they can be distributed to that child’s Mom or Dad for the Holidays. 

While the economy is continuing its recovery, that recovery has been especially slow in the neediest segments of society. If you feel like you have the desire and means to do just a little extra this year, our students – and their children – will greatly appreciate it. 

If you’d like to help, just click on this link to get the process started. https://otspro.csn.edu/holidayAngel/  If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me directly at Paul.Herrle@csn.edu . 



Paul A. Herrle 


Paul Herrle 

Psychology Faculty 

O: (702) 651-4401 

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