Let’s Share Our Stories – Staff

Dear CSN Family,

I hope this message finds you well and that you’ve settled in and are getting accustomed to the new way of life we’re all experiencing. We’ve been through a lot, I know, and I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge all that you have done.

Because we pulled together as a team and put our Students First – everyone from Academics to Technology Services and from our faculty and professional staff to our classified employees – we were able to successfully transition one of the nation’s largest community colleges to an almost entirely remote college in the span of one week.

Take a moment to reflect on that incredible accomplishment.

Each of you played a part in that feat, each of you has a story to tell, whether it’s about a student you went the extra mile for, or special accommodations you made to your home so you could work, or an exciting new idea you had that helped us better serve our students.

I want to hear those stories. I want everyone to hear those stories. Tell us about the stranger who donated so you could get students learning remotely. Or the student who started a new volunteer effort. The alumni who donated to help a student in need. The faculty member who did the impossible to get her course online.

Tell us about your students, your co-workers, your community. Give them kudos, and tell us why. Congratulate the Class of 2020 whose graduation celebration is on hold, praise our e-learning team, tell someone how much their efforts have meant to you over these last several weeks.

We have created an online message board where you can post these good news stories. You can also tweet them by tagging @CSNCoyote and using the hashtag #ShareYourCSNstory. Please take advantage and celebrate the good work done by everyone at CSN. They deserve it.

I this time of incredible uncertainty, one thing that remains constant is CSN. We have always been here to put our Students First, and we always will be. Because of you.

Thank you.


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