Nevada Grow Small Business Project Successes Celebrated

The state initiative partners CSN and the business community to help small businesses grow

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 19, 2017 – Assemblywoman Dina Neal, the College of Southern Nevada and business owners will celebrate the success of the Nevada Grow small business program on Wednesday, Oct. 25 on the college’s North Las Vegas Campus.

Nevada Grow helps local small businesses team up with industry experts to create stronger economic ecosystems through the strategic use of customized data and research.

“Nevada Grow is a critical component in our efforts to expand economic growth in Nevada,” said Neal, principal author of the program’s legislation. “We know this program helps stimulate investment in Nevada’s economy by providing technical expertise to growing businesses that may otherwise not have access to those resources.”

The program has created a unique partnership between the small businesses and CSN, as well as the Clark County Business Department, the Urban Chamber of Commerce, the Latin Chamber of Commerce and Nevada’s Small Business Development Centers in Clark and Washoe counties.

It began as a 17-month pilot program in 2015 and was renewed as a permanent program this year.

Kevin Raiford, a CSN business professor who founded and runs the college’s thriving Business Incubator program, is one of several counselors available to mentor the business owners. Businesses can receive help in areas ranging from search engine optimization to an analysis of current business strategies. Several dozen small businesses have already benefited from the program.

Join Assemblywoman Neal, small business owners and officials from CSN and the business world at 10 a.m. Oct. 25 in the Paul Laxalt Education Center on CSN’s North Las Vegas Campus.

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