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CSN Kicks Off Student Union Construction

Dozens of CSN students, faculty and staff were joined by members of the community today on the college’s Henderson Campus to celebrate the upcoming construction of the college’s new student unions.



The buildings, which will begin construction this summer, will feature food courts, large and small meeting rooms, study space, courtyards, student government offices, advising offices and more. Virtually identical buildings will be built on each of the college’s three campuses. They are expected to be open for the fall 2019 semester.

CSN student body president Elizabeth Zuniga joined the CSN Coyote to celebrate the construction kickoff of the college’s new student unions.
CSN Acting President Margo Martin is joined by the CSN Coyote, Henderson City Councilwoman Gerri Schroder, CSN student body president Elizabeth Zuniga and construction and architect representatives

CSN Acting president Margo Martin said the new buildings will benefit students by giving them their own space to study, hang out with friends, or just be by themselves. She said the unions will make CSN more “sticky,” meaning students will be more likely to stay around. Research shows this to be true. The more students like their school, the more likely they are to come back.

Students overwhelmingly support adding student unions to the campuses. Current study body president Elizabeth Zuniga and last year’s student body president Jill Robinson both attended the event and spoke in favor of the unions.

The Board of Regents previously approved plans for the $80 million construction project, which will be paid for through student fees that were voted on and approved by students.

For renderings and plans, visit www.csn.edu/sites/default/files/u35366/student_union_presentation.pdf

Regents Approve Plans for New CSN Student Unions

The new student gathering spaces on all three campuses are anticipated to open in 2019

An artist’s rendering of a proposed new student union at CSN

LAS VEGAS, March 2 – The Board of Regents today approved student-backed plans for student union buildings on all three CSN campuses.

Students have overwhelmingly supported adding central gathering spaces to the community college’s campuses. Most colleges and universities the size of CSN have student unions.

“CSN’s students are excited to add the final vote of approval and support for the student union buildings on all three main CSN campuses,” said CSN’s student body president, Jill Robinson. “After much hard work, student outreach and research, it is clear the students have a need for space to collaborate, uninterrupted study space, and healthier dining options. They desire meeting and event space, too, especially for clubs and the student government.”

The approval today by the Regents will increase student fees to pay for the construction and operation of the three facilities. The total cost is estimated to be nearly $80 million. The fees will include an $8 per-credit registration fee, effective this fall, a $3 per-credit fee for summer courses beginning in 2018, both for construction, and a $1 per-credit hour fee effective in the fall 2019, the anticipated completion date, for operation and maintenance.

“We will minimize the impact on students by using a single design for all three buildings,” said Sherri Payne, Senior Associate Vice President of Facilities Management. “This significantly cuts down on costs.”

“We have heard from student leaders for years about the need for student unions on our campuses, and we are delighted to finally be meeting that need,” said CSN President Michael Richards. “We know that students who feel more connected to their campuses are more likely to succeed, which is our goal in everything we do.”