Thank You

Dear CSN Family,

I want to thank each and every one of you for pulling together to convert to a remote environment in record time. Your concern for the safety of our students and colleagues has been inspirational. Thank you all for working so hard to ensure that our students receive the world class education they have come to expect from CSN. 

Please see NSHE Chancellor Thom Reilly’s latest memo on the subject, which he asked all institution presidents to share. Each of you has worked through a tremendous amount of stress this week, and we have more than endured. We have achieved what was unthinkable only a week ago, a rapid transition that allows our programs to go fully remote, including CTE classes, hands-on labs, simulations and many clinicals. 

If you recall, it was less than one week ago when the institutions were directed to prepare for a transition to remote instruction by April 3. That quickly changed to a March 18 date due to the evolving situation, followed by system direction to close anything that wasn’t essential. 

Today, outside of our critical maintenance and facilities personnel needed to ensure vital campus operations continue, we have reduced the total number of people reporting to campuses to fewer than 20. That is an incredible feat that could not have been accomplished if we hadn’t all worked together as a team. 

Words can’t express how very appreciative I am of your efforts and leadership to find solutions that allow us to continue serving our students and our diverse Southern Nevada communities. I am certain we will emerge a stronger higher education institution, and our students will be better off because of your efforts. 

Thank you.


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