Congratulations to the following individuals for whom the Board of Regents approved tenure this week. This is a major milestone and achievement for our faculty!

  • Alda A. Anderson, Business, Hospitality and Public Service
  • Craig N. Anderson, International Languages
  • Dr. Barbara Bird, International Languages
  • Dr. Sonja Burd, Biological Sciences
  • Natalie Chio, Health Related Professions
  • Dr. Marcela Cortes Ramirez, Biological Sciences
  • Shane W. Dick, International Languages
  • Arthur G. Eggers, Advanced and Applied Technologies
  • Dr. Jennifer A. Gorman, Mathematics
  • David L. Hardy, Media Technologies
  • Dr. Valerie A. Hecht, International Languages
  • Dr. Michael W. Huff, English
  • Dr. Dana L. Jones, Accounting, Finance, Computer Office Technology
  • Christopher D. King, Mathematics
  • Aminul I. Km, Mathematics
  • James Y. Lee, Mathematics
  • Eileen M. Mahoney Bauer, Nursing
  • Eileen M. Metcalfe, Hospitality Management
  • Dr. Maria Consuelo Capiral Pickle, Mathematics
  • Michele R. Rahmig, Dental, Diagnostic and Rehabilitation Services
  • Dr. Brett Riley, English
  • Arthur Edgar Salmon III, Computing and Information Technology
  • Michael B. Simpson, Dental, Diagnostic and Rehabilitation Services
  • Efatsadat Taghva, Computing and Information Technology
  • Dr. Richard W. Theis, English
  • Christopher T. Tsouras, Fine Arts
  • Dr. Kathi Kalene Westmoreland, English
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