Tenure Announcement

Congratulations to the following individuals on earning tenure, approved by the Board of Regents today.

  • Sherry Lynn Aldridge, Nursing
  • Dr. Andrea Brown, Human Behavior
  • Bryan Scott Burton, Public Safety & Human Services
  • Jessica Carlson, Nursing
  • Cecilia Degenhart, Health Related Professions
  • Jama DeYoe, Nursing
  • Andrew Jay Fanizzi, Hospitality Management
  • Colleen Gerardo, English
  • Dr. Diane Hardgrave, Human Behavior
  • Dr. Colleen Harrington, Public Safety & Human Services
  • Dr. Amanda Hudson, Physical Sciences
  • Michael Kimball, English
  • Travis Justin Koll, English
  • LaDella Levy, Social Sciences
  • Arthur Little, Health Related Professions
  • Jennifer Mitchell, Communication
  • James Ormord, Physical Sciences
  • Warren Pawliuk, Nursing
  • Dr. Laura Powell, English
  • Benita Ryne, Nursing
  • Lisa Savy, Mathematics
  • Dr. Maria Schellhase, Business Administration
  • Brian Schmidt, Physical Sciences
  • Dr. Christopher Scott Sevier, Social Sciences
  • Dr. Douglas Brian Sims, Physical Sciences
  • Megan Swallia, Mathematics
  • OJ Sydor, Business Administration
  • Dr. Patricia Thomas, Human Behavior
  • Deborah VanDamme, International Languages
  • Erica Vital-Lazare, English
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