NWCCU Accreditation Response Letter

Good morning, CSN Coyote Nation!

Linked below is the CSN accreditation response letter from NWCCU for which we have been patiently waiting. You will see that the news is quite positive, but we still have much work to do as we prepare for the mid-cycle report that is due to Northwest in late summer in anticipation of our mid-cycle visit in Fall 2018. We will be continuing the assessment work that has been ongoing, and we will be convening various stakeholders to enhance our strategic plan, ensuring that institutional learning outcomes, assessment, and resource allocation are aligned with our plan – and that the work we are doing aligns with the recently adopted NSHE goals. Remember, we need everybody’s shoulder to the wheel! In the upcoming months, we are going to accomplish amazing things – together!

Read the NWCCU’s letter.

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