Board of Regents Awards Tenure

Greetings, Coyote Nation!

Congratulations to the 28 faculty and staff members who were awarded Tenure today by the Nevada System of Higher Education’s Board of Regents. This is a major milestone for each of them.

  • Jonathan Boarini, Media Technology
  • Michele L. Bogue, Human Behavior
  • Paul M. Bynum, Business, Hospitality, and Public Relations
  • Elizabeth Diaz, Dental, Diagnostic & Rehabilitation Services
  • Dr. Stephanie Fiorenza, Physical Sciences
  • Charlene S. Gibson, Communication
  • Mark E. Haag, Advanced & Applied Technology
  • Joseph Hassert, Communication
  • Emelda Jones, Nursing
  • Emily King, College Library Services
  • Elizabeth Larakers, English
  • Eva Lawrence-Fischer, Nursing
  • Kody Louise Lightfoot, English
  • Julie MacDonald, English
  • Richard Main, Health Related Professions
  • Dr. Chelsey McKenna, Biology
  • Amy Palmer, Arts & Letters
  • Dr. Cassandra Peay, English
  • Esther Pla-Cazares, Business, Hospitality, and Public Relations
  • Dr. Roger A. Rennels, Physical Sciences
  • Dr. Danielle Richards, Social Sciences
  • Nicole Sandberg, College Library Services
  • Flora Sayson, Nursing
  • Minnie M. Schlesinger, Biology
  • Dr. Bridget C. Taylor, World Languages
  • Dr. Nayelee Villanueva, English
  • Michelle Zahn, Health Related Professions
  • Amy Ziemba, Biology

– Margo

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