July 2019 Chronicle

July 2019​​ 

Despite the summer break, things are as busy as ever at CSN. We have future students on campus, new campus leaders, staff and students winning awards, promising new​​ technology in the classroom and so much more. We even have a new Cheer & Dance Team launching soon to help us all get into that Coyote Spirit!​​ 

As CSN strengthens its ties with the community and our focus on Students First, I sense the momentum building to​​ continue our journey from good to great. ​​ I thank you all for the work you do on behalf of our students and I hope you all enjoy the upcoming July 4th​​ holiday.​​ 




In this issue:

  • New Vice Presidents & Provosts ​​ 

  • Incoming Chairs & President ​​ 

  • Paramedic Program Grant​​ 

  • New Cheer & Dance Team Coming​​ 

  • CSN Students Win Five Emmys​​ 

  • Nevada Promise Summer Program​​ 

  • CSN Preview

  • Cost-of-Living Increases

  • Convocation & Adjunct Impact​​ 

  • Cardiorespiratory Program​​ 

  • Library Impact Research Grant

  • Prison Program​​ Graduation

  • CSN Foundation

  • Fall 2019 Enrollment Update


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Inside CSN


Welcome Our New Vice Presidents & Provosts ​​ 

As you know, we have hired two excellent new higher education​​ professionals to lead our North Las Vegas and Charleston Campuses! I am thrilled to have them on board. They both began July 1, please say hello if you see them on campus.​​ 


Clarissa Cota will serve as the Vice President & Provost of the North Las Vegas​​ Campus, and Sonya Pearson will serve as the Vice President & Provost of the Charleston Campus. They will join Patty Charlton, who was named Vice President & Provost of our Henderson Campus last year. What an incredible team we have assembled!


Our three campuses now each have the strong leadership they require to make sure our students come first in all our endeavors. First and foremost, that is what all of us are here for – to ensure we remain true to our student success mission.

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Incoming Chairs & President ​​ 

As we transition into a new year, I want to thank the outgoing chair of the Faculty Senate, Darin Dockstader, the outgoing chair of​​ the Administrative Faculty Assembly, Jeff Fulmer, and the chair of the Classified Council, John Woodbury. Each has done a tremendous job for CSN and our students over the past year. I would also like to welcome the new leadership of the Faculty Senate, Arnold Bell, and of the AFA, Natalie Nelson. Woodbury will remain as president of the Classified Council.


It takes a team to put student first and I appreciate the dedication to our mission that each of them shows on a daily basis.



CSN News


Paramedic​​ Program Grant

Our paramedic medicine students are getting hands-on training this month in the use of life-saving portable ultrasound technology. I am proud that we are the first in the state to undergo this training.​​ 


This program is made possible​​ through a​​ $315,000 Workforce Innovations for a New Nevada grant through the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, as well as a partnership between the emergency medical services program led by Braiden Green and the Valley Health Systems Graduate Medical Education program.


The devices will help save time, money and lives and our students will have great skills to bring to the workplace.​​ 

Read Our Press Release​​ and​​ Our Newsroom Blog


New Cheer & Dance Team Coming

A new Cheer & Dance Team will launch this fall, helping us advance our mission of engaging local students​​ with varied interests. Veteran collegiate coach Tiffany Boulter will lead the program as a part-time coach. In addition to helping us advance our community mission, the team will also support the Coyotes as they compete in intercollegiate athletics. At the​​ outset, this co-ed team will not be in competition events. It will involve 30-40 full-time CSN students. The students are not on scholarship, and pay the typical fees for their CSN classes.


Tryouts are scheduled as follows at the CSN Sports Center on the​​ North Las Vegas Campus:

  • 4-7 p.m. July 12

  • 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. July 13


Read Our Press Release​​ and​​ Learn About Eligibility


CSN Students Win Five Emmys

Students from our Videography & Film Program won five Student Production Emmy Awards from the​​ Pacific Southwest National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences last month, bringing the total number of wins to 38 in the last five years alone! Student wins included:​​ 

  • Randy Sly’s film "Swipe" in the Student Programming - Long Form category

  • Raul​​ Saldivar and Leonel Saucedo’s project "Aria Food Commercial" in the Student Programming - Commercial and Student Craft - Photographer categories and​​ 

  • Justin Steele’s short film "The Call” in the Student Craft - Editor and Student Craft -Director categories

Congratulations to Program Director John Aliano and all of our wonderful faculty and staff for this great achievement.​​ 

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Nevada Promise Summer​​ Program

I was pleased to speak to almost 200 incoming students who are participating in our first ever Nevada Promise Summer Academy.​​ 


The six-week summer program is allowing students who have completed all the requirements to earn the Promise​​ Scholarship to take an English and math course, while making valuable community connections.


Signed into law after the 2017 Legislative Session, the Promise Scholarship is a last-dollar scholarship program, covering tuition and fees for students attending​​ community college after all other financial aid has been applied. In 2019, Nevada lawmakers added an additional $4.5 million in funding for the program over the biennium.


These students will be more than ready for the rigors of college life after this program. Thank you to the Promise Team and all the other departments who have collaborated to make this a success.

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CSN Preview Events

I want to thank everyone who participated in our CSN Preview events last month, making them an enormous success. We had over 300 potential students attend the four events! CSN Preview is a newly created half-day program that introduces potential CSN students to the various resources we offer and helps them finish requirements before classes start. The students toured our campuses and got an overall picture of what the college experience is like. The Office of Recruitment & College Connections and Office​​ of Marketing & Communications plan to build on these events next year.



Cost-of-Living Increases

The Board of Regents approved a plan to implement the 3-percent cost-of-living pay increases that were passed this year by the State Legislature.​​ Classified employees will see the increase on their July 25 paychecks, while professional employees will see the increases reflected on their August 1 paychecks.

Regents directed the NSHE institution presidents to work with faculty and other stakeholders​​ to bridge a fiscal shortfall. As you know, the Nevada Legislature approved the raises for all state employees. However, the NSHE budget was not fully funded to make that possible.

Upon the recommendation of NSHE Chancellor Thom Reilly, the Regents directed institution presidents to create and submit a budget plan by December to cover the shortfall that is not being funded by the legislature. Regents did not state the manner in which we must do so. I​​ look forward to working with all of our stakeholders under our shared governance model to come up with creative solutions that align with our mission of putting students first.


Convocation & Adjunct Impact

This is a reminder that this year’s Adjunct Impact Conference is scheduled for 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.​​ Saturday, August 17. Adjust faculty can register now at​​ http://at.csn.edu/adjunct. Our State of the College & Fall Convocation Kickoff event will be held Monday, August 19, followed by a week of professional development opportunities before classes begin on August 26. Mark your calendars now!



Cardiorespiratory Sciences Program

​​ I am pleased to announce that our Cardiorespiratory Sciences program was recently notified that it is among a select group of​​ programs that will be recognized by the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC) to receive the​​ Distinguished RRT Credentialing Success​​ Award! This is a tremendous honor for a wonderful program.


Congratulations to Art Little and the entire​​ team!



Academic Library Impact Research Grant

Congratulations to CSN Librarian Theodore Chodock, who is the recipient of a 2019 Academic Library Impact Research Grant. The grant is awarded to individuals to support new research on library​​ contributions to student learning and success. Ted will be on sabbatical from July through December to complete research on how libraries contribute to students’ sense of connectedness to the institution. Please join me in congratulating him.

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Prison Education Program ​​