CSN Celebrates LGBTQIA+ PRIDE Month in June

Dear CSN Family,

Please join me in celebrating LGBTQIA+ Pride Month during the month of June. This is a time to honor the legacy and annual observance of the Stonewall uprising on June 28, 1969. This month, our nation will again commemorate this decisive moment in the modern movement for LGBTQIA+ equality on a federal level.

LGBTQIA+ individuals have seen progress in the pursuit of social justice, but this community continues to face discrimination at alarming rates. Pride Month is an acknowledgement of the hard-fought battles for equality, a celebration of visibility and self-worth and call to action to end hatred towards the LGBTQIA+ community.

I am proud to support all the expressions of LGBTQIA+ Pride during the month of June and beyond because, our greatest strength lies in our ability to celebrate the beautiful diversity of our CSN family.


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