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During this fast-moving and changing time, we are all being asked to be more flexible with the way that we work to best serve the institution and our students while staying safe and complying with Federal and State mandates.

Laptop Request

In preparation for some staff to be able to work remotely, OTS has collected some laptops to distribute to faculty and staff who either do not already have CSN issued devices, or do not have a personal computer to use for remote working.  Please note that if you do have your personal computer to work from, please use that as we have only a limited number of machines to lend.  If you have no other means of working remotely, you can request a laptop at


Additionally, please visit to learn more about the tools available to you to work, meet, and collaborate with your colleagues during this temporary remote working time.  Note that as an employee of CSN, you have access to five licenses of the Microsoft Office suite to use on your personal devices to help you to complete any work that you need to do. 

Teams/Webex Installation

As CSN prepares for all classes to go online, two key tools that enable collaboration are going to be installed on all CSN computers.  Cisco WebEx and Microsoft Teams are both great tools for distributed meetings, resource sharing, and collaboration, and will be of particular use to those of you using CSN issued laptops as you will be able to utilize these if working from home.  We will be pushing to all faculty and staff Windows-based computers that are currently powered on, on the CSN network, and do not currently have them installed. This installation will be performed over the network and will not require anyone to visit your office. These installations are silent and run in the background.  The installations are complete when you see the icons for Webex and Teams appear on your desktop. If you do not have your laptop with you, please visit our Collaboration website below for information on downloading and using Teams and Webex as well as guides and videos for other commonly used applications.


During a time like this, when people are in need, cybercriminals find opportunities.  You may see an increase in spam and phishing emails asking you to click a link or download free software. Review these emails carefully don’t download any of this software or click on these links. Instead, refrain from using free tools from the internet (freeware/shareware) as these are often linked to adware or spyware and can create a security risk to both you and CSN if you are working remotely.


For those concerned about internet access during this change, here are several links to companies who are providing broadband internet access for free or small fees to customers:

  • FCC agreement stating that providers will waive late fees, not cutoff service for lack of payment, and open hot spots.
  • T-Mobile COVID-19 response: follows FCC agreement, plus unlimited data to existing customers.

Help Desks

CSN Helpdesk Services will remain available and answering as many requests as possible.  However, due to increased demand, wait times may be longer than usual so we encourage you to utilize the self-service helpdesk option available at  

Also, you can keep up to date on CSN’s response to COVID-19 at We appreciate your patience with both the OTS 24/7 Technical Assistance Helpdesk and the CSN Call Center during this time.


We understand how important technology is to your work, and even more so now as we make these adjustments in our work environment.  We would appreciate it if you could take a quick minute of your time and fill out our Technology Preparedness Survey to help us with understanding the situation.

Take care, be safe, and thank you for all of your support and flexibility during this time.


Mugunth Vaithylingam
Chief Information Officer | College of Southern Nevada

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