CSN Faculty Earn Tenure

The Nevada System of Higher Education’s Board of Regents awarded tenure to the following members of the College of Southern Nevada’s faculty today. Congratulations to them all:

  • Julian Barroso-Merino, International Languages
  • Denny Burzynski, Mathematics
  • Stephanie M. Espinoza, Library Services
  • Anthony Fortner, Business, Hospitality & Public Services
  • Chieko Fukushima, Applied Technology
  • Kellie Jeanne Hagewen, Human Behavior
  • April Celeste Hebert, Communication
  • Amy Diane Litman, International Languages
  • Charles M. Lohman Jr., Media Technologies
  • Gail Lynn Lupica-Amani, Health Sciences
  • Mary Manoharan, Nursing
  • Elsa M. Mason, Human Behavior
  • Daniel F. McElhattan III, Media Technologies
  • Kevin G. Mess, Applied Technologies
  • Donald D. Mirjanian, Political Science
  • Camille Elizabeth Naaktgeboren, Biological Sciences
  • Robert E. O’Toole, Accounting, Finance, and Computer Office Technology
  • Carrie K. Preite, Biological Sciences
  • Caprice J. Roberson, Library Services
  • Marilyn I. Robinson, Computing & Information Technology
  • Marianne Sampson, Dental Diagnostic & Rehabilitative Services
  • Heidi C. Schneiter, Dental Diagnostic & Rehabilitative Services
  • Julian Chater Smit, Human Behavior
  • Dale Andrew Wallac, Computer & Information Technology
  • Gary E. Widdison, Dental Diagnostic & Rehabilitative Services
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