Science + kids = progress


NASA’s Stuart McClung, an engineer on the Orion spacecraft, talks with students as former Space Shuttle Commander Lee Archambault signs autographs Friday at the CSN Science and Technology Expo.

We had spiders and imploding cans and snakes and spacesuits and little kids and big kids and grown-up kids and physics and chemistry and astronomy and biology and math, you guys.


McClung talks with students.

The 12th Annual Science and Technology Expo on CSN’s Cheyenne campus Friday was a huge success.


Archambault proved a popular interview for local TV news stations.

Former NASA astronaut Lee Archambault and current space engineer Stuart McClung greeted hundreds of schoolchildren, giving out autographs and delivering science straight from the source.

College of Southern Nevada science professors showed off what science can do. Chemistry prof Marion Hammond, for example, wowed a whole roomful of kids when he dropped a couple of heated soda cans into some cold water and they collapsed in on themselves in a split second (the cans, not the kids, thank goodness).

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 2.43.42 PM

CSN chemistry professor Marion Hammond demonstrates what science can do.

We had kids pretending to fly airplanes on CSN’s flight simulator, kids taking selfies with a real NASA spacesuit, and kids goofing around (very carefully supervised, of course) with snakes and tarantulas.


Many students couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a selfie with a real NASA spacesuit.

That’s what it’s about, obviously. The kids. We hold this event every year so kids can see how cool science and technology can be. The Clark County School District partners up and buses over a couple thousand middle schoolers to tour the expo.


Yes. That’s a tarantula.

It’s amazing. It’s inspiring. It’s showing the future generation all about careers in the STEM fields. That’s science, technology, engineering and math, for those of you who don’t get acronyms.


That’s what it’s all about.


Yes, a snake around a CSN student’s neck happened.

Like Sen. Harry Reid said, “A world without science would be a world without progress.”


Your CSN blogger couldn’t resist a selfie, either. 😉


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