Kanopy Videos for Courses

Screenshoot of Kanopy

Many of you are already including quality educational videos in your online and in person courses. The CSN libraries have thousands of online digital streaming videos that are searchable through the library catalog or through our multiple video platforms like Films on Demand, Alexander Street Press, Ambrose Digital Video, and more.

But the library is adding even more resources! If you’ve never heard of Kanopy videos, you’re in for a great experience for both you and your students!

Kanopy offers many collections that are exclusive only to this platform, ranging from educational documentaries to critically acclaimed full-length features. When you browse, you see films from New Day Films, Criterion, Frontline, and PBS. You can browse by subject category if you need a film on The Arts, Business, Education, Health, Sciences, and more.

If you’re a Communication professor, for example, you can bookmark https://csn.kanopystreaming.com/catalog/mediacomm to find the most popular videos in Media and Communications, the different communication collections, or sort by category, supplier, filmmaker, or even language. Looking for Children of the Amazon? Type in the title and you’ll find the 72-minute film from 2008.

Once you’ve selected a film to use, Kanopy offers multiple features such as transcripts, creating clip segments to share in class (once you create a free Kanopy account) and an easy link to share with students (https://csn.kanopystreaming.com/video/children-amazon-0) or embed directly into Canvas.

Finally, all Kanopy films have public performance rights, which means you’re allowed to show them in class. With such a great resource at your fingertips, there’s no reason to wheel out a VHS cart ever again.

While Kanopy is not the library’s only film collection, it is a new database that’s definitely worth exploring. And if you have any questions about the films, embedding, or how to find what you’re looking for, feel free to contact a librarian. You can also find our entire staff directory and all our collections on our website: www.csn.edu/library. We look forward to working with you!