Reading Horror Stories in Bed

10-Word Horror Story Contest Winner!

Can you tell a horror story in 10 words? These winners could! In celebration of Halloween, CSN Libraries hosted a 10-word (or fewer) horror story contest! Contest Guidelines:  A Ten-Word Story should provide a movement of conflict, action, and resolution that gives the sense of a complete story transpiring in a moment’s reading. Now, are you…

Nevada State Flag

All About Nevada Day!

Students who grow up in Nevada, or go to school here now, may love the fact that they get a day off during the weekend of Halloween, but there’s a lot of history behind the reason for our day off and long weekend. The state holiday, “Nevada Day” is celebrated on the last Friday of October every…

Staff from CSN Libraries in Halloween Outfits

Can Your Recognize Your Library Staff Incognito?

  Happy Halloween from CSN Libraries! To celebrate the official holiday, we’re sharing photos of our librarians and staff who came to work in their finest costumes! Can you recognize these mild-mannered by day CSN library employees who’ve put on their super suits? Have a safe and fun Halloween night!

Man with a camera

Photo voting–you pick a winner!

The CSN Classified Council publishes a calendar every year with photos taken by CSN students and employees. The finalists are in, and we want you to help us pick a winning entry! The photos can be viewed below. To vote, simply visit our Facebook page The photo with the most “Likes” will be selected as the students’ choice…

The Importance of Pride

Monday, October 17th from 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM the library held its annual Pride event! This year’s event featured food, bracelet-making, plenty of rainbows, a scavenger hunt, and a presentation of LGBTQ+ students, faculty, and staff members reading letters that they have written to describe how their gender or sexuality has impacted their life and/or…

Bob Dylan

Find Nobel Prize Winner, Bob Dylan @ CSN Libraries

Better Start Swimming or Sink Like a Stone- For the Times They Are A Changing The 2016 Nobel prize for literature was awarded to singer and songwriter Bob Dylan “for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.” This moment is especially historic considering an American hasn’t won the Nobel prize for literature…

GOP Elephant and Democratic donkey

Fact-checking the Presidential Debates? The Library Can Help!

After the first presidential debate between candidates Clinton and Trump, it appears that fact-checking will be a popular topic of this year’s election coverage. According to CSN Journalism Instructor Jennifer Mitchell, “Facts are imperative to thoughts and argumentation. My students who are training to be journalists must learn the importance of facts and how to…