A One Stop Shop for Your Assignment Needs: Writing Center Partners with the Library

You’re working on a writing assignment for class and need to get that paper done. Your professor recommended you visit the Writing Center as early as possible to help outline your topic and review your first drafts. You know the library can also help you find credible sources for the research part, and figure out those citations too. Wouldn’t it be great if you could visit one location for both services? Actually, you can!

Since 2013, the CSN Writing Center has partnered with us to offer the Writing Center @ The Library, and it’s been growing every semester. Available at both the West Charleston and Cheyenne campuses, you can now find a Writing Center representative inside the library on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays from 11am to 1pm.

At the Henderson campus, the Writing Center and the Library work closely together every day to ensure that students get the help they need to complete assignments. While there isn’t a Writing Center rep directly in the library, the Henderson Reference Librarian can refer you to the appropriate (and nearby) site location when needed.

For students new to campus, it’s exciting to find out that Writing Center services are free, where you can drop-in with no appointment required and get one-on-one assistance from a qualified reader. They help with papers in any subject and at any stage of the writing process. They’re also the perfect department to partner with the library since we also offer free, drop-in assistance with any stage of the research process. Visit the Reference Desk of any CSN campus library to find out more about these services.

If you missed the Writing Center representative in the library, you can still visit any of the Writing Center locations on campus: C-112 at West Charleston, room 1707 in the Telecomm. Building at Cheyenne, and room C-115 at the Henderson campus. Check out their website for hours of operation and more information: www.csn.edu/writingcenter