Learn About African American History with Distinguished Films and Books


Books by African-American authors on display at the Charleston Campus Library.

February is Black History Month and you’ll find many library resources on campus and online that chronicle the lives and achievements of African Americans.

A special “Black History Month” collection in our Kanopy video database contains nearly 200 films, including the critically acclaimed Through a Lens Darkly and Emmy award-winning Ethnic Notions. The collection includes documentaries on black activists and political leaders, as well as videos that explore cultural issues, race & racism, and events that shaped history.

Our Films on Demand database also has a featured collection in February called “African American History Month.” Loaded with videos and newsreels of interviews and speeches, it’s a great source of firsthand accounts of historical events. Films on Demand and Kanopy are available 24/7 from on or off campus through the CSN Library website.

On campus, check out the writings of Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou, August Wilson, and many more award winning African American writers. We have biographies of their remarkable lives and critical analysis of their novels, short stories, poems and plays. Search our library catalog by author or keyword or simply ask a librarian for help.