Take a Stand! Pro/Con resources

The beginning of the semester has passed and it’s time to start preparing for those upcoming projects! If you’ve been assigned an argumentative research paper or a persuasive speech then we have three databases that just might help!

Opposing Viewpoints in Context contains essays that argue for or against a variety of contemporary social issues. You can conveniently link to articles on your topic from magazines, journals, newspapers and other sources.

Issues and Controversies on File offers objective, in-depth information on hotly debated issues with clear explanations of what both supporters and opponents might argue. New enhancements include discussion questions, primary sources, numerical data, and more.

CQ Researcher provides in-depth reports on current and controversial issues with overviews, background information, pro/con essays and more.

You can use all of these database 24/7, on or off campus. Also, be sure to look for the citation tool in these databases—it will create the MLA or APA formatted citation for your Works Cited or Reference page. It makes citations a lot easier! But of course, you can always double check with our online MLA or APA citation guides.

If you need help as you work through your assignments, you can always ask a librarian too.