Get Credo Credibility

When you are preparing a paper, speech or presentation for a college assignment or simply investigating a topic, idea, or issue out of pure curiosity – the first step is to start filling-in your knowledge gaps with the basic facts. In a sea of online information, one of the best ways to get those facts is to use the authoritative information found in the more than 900 online reference resources of Credo Reference. Credo can make the learning process easier and help you to build a strong foundation for future learning. Why waste time with the unreliable data, amateur opinion, or incomplete coverage often found in a source like Wikipedia? You can have the best information in all subject fields drawn from established well-known reference sources via Credo.

Using Credo:

  • On the CSN Libraries webpage click Browse Databases and select Credo Reference.
  • Click on a Subject area or enter your own search term in the Search Credo box.
  • Access over 3 million full-text articles from over 900 outstanding reference resources published by over 121 publishers across all subjects.
  • Browse Credo Topic Pages to open an amazing array of information, nicely packaged with links to definitions, images, and related topics and articles. Every Credo source has an MLA or APA formatted citation – ready to be pasted into your reference pages.
  • Use the Credo links to other relevant CSN resources found on the Libraries webpage to continue your research.
  • Experiment with the Credo Mind Map feature. Enter your search terms and watch as a comprehensive map opens showing you how and where your topic relates to a wider world of knowledge. Understanding a topic is only complete when you can understand this larger interconnectedness of ideas.

Credo Reference is a perfect springboard for exploring key academic concepts, investigating people, places and history, or entering the world of ideas in the sciences, humanities and social sciences.