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Need help with a research assignment? Wondering how you might read some pages assigned in a textbook? Maybe you need help citing sources? Our CSN Libraries have several ways to help you while our campus libraries are closed:

Questions? Ask Us! Use this page to instantly chat with a CSN librarian or, if you prefer, email or text us. Our librarians are experts in finding and citing credible sources. We can also let you know if we have access to a textbook that you might need some pages from.

Chat hours are:
Monday to Thursday: 8am – 10:30pm
Friday: 8am – 5pm
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Sunday: 9pm – 11pm

How to Cite: This page has links to our MLA and APA citation guides that show you how to cite sources within your papers and speech outlines, as well as examples of how to format citations for your Works Cited/Reference pages. Additional citation resources, such as our Oral Citation Guide and sample MLA and APA style papers are also available.

Even though our CSN campus libraries are closed due to COVID-19, we are still committed to helping our students, faculty and staff get reference and research help online. Chat with us today!