Trying Something New

Beth Schuck

Beth Schuck, Director of CSN Libraries

Whenever humans try something new a few things happen.  Our entire bodies and minds get involved in the process of the new thing, whether we are learning a new language, trying a new sport, starting a new job or going back to school.  Our bodies and minds are aware of the ‘newness’ and may make us feel in certain ways.  Often those feelings are not comfortable and may be unpleasant such as nervousness, anxiety or fear of what the new action will be like or doubt about whether we can do it.  Remember back to the first day of high school, that is an example of our minds at work adjusting to a ‘new’ thing.  That is all natural and is part of our adaptation to the new activity or action.  It doesn’t take long for our bodies and minds to overcome these feelings and we adapt to the new situation and it becomes our new ‘normal’, hopefully without those anxious feelings.

We don’t often think about or appreciate these subtle changes that humans make.  Some of us crave ‘newness’ and are constantly looking for new things to do or try.  Others really like the comfort of what we are used to and don’t often try new things.  As Vince Lombardi, NFL head coach said, “every accomplishment starts with the decision to try”.  When we try new things our brains create new connections that enable us to learn the new thing and thus we continue growing as humans.  Sometimes new things take longer to learn than others but in every case we are different humans than before.

I hope you will share with me what you are doing this term that is new and that you will visit our library website and our wonderful libraries many times this fall.  I am also trying something new this fall and if you share with me, I’ll let you know more about my feelings as try something brand new for myself.  Please email me at with your thoughts.

I welcome you to CSN and am glad you are trying something new this term at CSN.  Library staff are here to assist you in becoming the new you whatever that may be! Best of luck this semester.