What do library staff do all summer? – Eric

What do librarians do all summer?

Well, the library stays open, our library assistant Eric, along with librarians and other staff are ready to help!


The library is quiet and relax during summer, perfect for studying for the new semester!

Beside desk work, we also do other side projects to improve the overall library experience.


Getting the models ready for our new online model page

OK… there is a desk in the back office too, I guess you can say our side projects are also “desk” work.


Uploading model data to Emily ( Library webmaster, you will also see her at the reference desk), she then writes the script for a new model page, photoshops the pictures and link the data to the images.

This summer is hot and humid, even our evil skull said so. So what does Eric do to keep things cool and dry?


Reading up the Kite Runner for the upcoming book club.


And of course gaming with friends