Travel the Globe with A to Z:The World and Pronunciator

If you have ever wanted to study abroad, travel the globe, become fluent in a foreign language, enter a career in international business, or simply understand the world around you better – then you’ll find help making those dreams a reality with A to Z the World and Pronunciator.

Use A to Z the World to access comprehensive information on 175 countries:

  • Find history, culture, religion, business practices, economy and currency, points of interest, social customs and more.
  • Locate international recipes for CSN assignments.
  • Understand current country conditions including relevant security and safety assessments, as well as the current national record on respecting human rights reports.
  • Hear essential travel terms spoken aloud and view a video dictionary for a particular country.
  • Review current country maps.

Pronunciator logoUse Pronunciator to practice those international language skills you have been dreaming about developing:

  • Engage with structured multi-week language coursework or simply review vocabulary and useful phrases for travel preparation for 80 languages – including English as a Second Language.
  • Take advantage of regularly scheduled half-hour conversation classes led online by a highly qualified instructor.
  • Learn on the go with apps for all Android, Apple, and Kindle Fire devices.

With these resources at your fingertips there is nothing to stop you from seeing the world!