Introducing BrowZine– A Free App

As a student at CSN you are already on a path to further study and a future career. One good way to get ahead and stay motivated along the journey to fulfillment is by keeping up with the dynamic ideas, practices, and workplace expectations in your field. Where do you find these? They are all regularly examined in research articles.

Keeping up is now easier than ever when you use BrowZine, an online service that lets you browse scholarly journals available from CSN Libraries on your tablet devices, smartphone, or the Library’s webpage.

What Is BrowZine?

  • BrowZine is a service that lets you browse scholarly journals available from the CSN Libraries or from open sources on the CSN Libraries webpage or on your tablet, iPhone or Android smartphone.
  • View complete issues of journals, create a bookshelf of favorite journals, save articles to read later, or get reminders when a new issue of a journal is published and available- anywhere WiFi is available.

Why Use it?

  • Use BrowZine to get an overview of current research in your discipline or simply enjoy discovering new ideas available in journals without doing a focused subject search in a database.
  • BrowZine does not give you access to popular magazines or newspapers. You will find only recent issues of scholarly journals here.
  • Since it is all about “browsing,” you also will not find a function to search within a journal or across journals in a field.

Accessing BrowZine:

  • Download the BrowZine app from the App Store, Google Play, or Amazon. Choose CSN from the list of supported institutions. Enter your CSN credentials using your active directory login.
  • Locate BrowZine on the CSN Libraries webpage by clicking on the green “Find Articles” button. Click on “Browse Online Journals.”
  • Get help with BrowZine by sending an e-mail to:
  • Click the “help” button in BrowZine to view the film “Staying Current with BrowZine.”

BrowZine just might make waiting in lines a lot more interesting!