Plan Ahead: CSN Libraries Will Close Early Nov. 17th

Your CSN campus libraries are always working to provide you with the best possible resources and services for your time at CSN. Sometimes that means making some small, temporary changes in order to make bigger improvements in the long run. On Friday, November 17th, all CSN libraries will close early, at noon, for a staff training that will help all library employees become familiar with new library systems so they can learn how to best help you after implementation.

Just because the libraries are closing early, however, doesn’t mean you can’t get help! Our email and live online chat reference will continue to be available. Visit our contact page and type your research or citation questions in the chat box, or send an email to our address listed, and you will get a speedy response.

For computer needs, the CSN computer labs will continue to operate under normal hours, closing at 8pm on all campuses.

Normal library hours will resume Saturday, November 18, so the change won’t last long! View all library hours on our website, and feel free to contact our library director, Caprice Roberson, if you have any questions: 702-651-7693.