Library Assistant Rosales Wins Award

Lorraine (Raine) Rosales works hard at the CSN North Las Vegas Campus Library every day as a Library Assistant III who leads in the circulation department. Some of her responsibilities include providing training and organizing timesheets for the library student workers and serving on project subcommittees that keep the entire library current and in working order.

In addition to her role at the library, Rosales can often be seen getting involved on campus: she serves on the CSN Women’s Alliance diversity committee and participates in events like the Connections Fairs and baby clothes drives. Rosales is also responsible for the fun, funny, and up-to-date photos and information you see posted on our library’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.

This month Rosales’ many accomplishments have been recognized as she was named the February Classified Employee of the Month! Her nominator listed the many ways that Rosales excels at her job duties while keeping a positive attitude.

“She takes any negative situation and looks for ways to turn them into positive outcomes for students, faculty and staff members alike,” reads her nomination form. “She is centered on providing excellent, quality service at all times and her attention to details is much appreciated by customers, coworkers and her supervisor.”

Rosales is someone who goes the extra mile, escorting students to areas on campus they need help finding, or creating trainings for student workers so they all can know how to handle a difficult situation.

Though she is described as an “enthusiastic learner” a “team player” and “self-motivated”, one of Rosales’ best qualities is that she is a pleasure to work with.

Congratulations to an awesome member of our team!