What is Women’s History Month?

The Library of Congress states, “Women’s History Month honors and celebrates the struggles and achievements of American women throughout the history of the United States. American women have struggled throughout our history to gain rights not simply for themselves but for many other underrepresented and disenfranchised groups in America.”

At CSN we honor women not only for past achievements but support women in their current efforts in achieving equality and fighting for social justice issues that impact women and disenfranchised groups. CSN offers an Associate of Arts degree in Women’s Studies, a multidisciplinary degree which covers many subject areas. One of the most popular courses is WMST 113- studying gender, race, and class.

Whether you are researching women’s history or something more contemporary such as the feminist movement, the Women’s March, or the #MeToo movement, the CSN library offers plenty of resources for you to use. Use “women AND….” in your search terms to retrieve women-focused information. On the library homepage you can click on the large buttons to find the types of resources that would be useful to you:

  • Find Books– retrieve books and ebooks for a comprehensive look at a topic
  • Find Articles– thousands of articles from newspapers, magazines, and scholarly journals
  • Find Films– dvds and streaming videos
  • Browse Databases– find full text ebooks, articles, videos, and images

When you go to Browse Databases you can use the subject filter to narrow down the list to just the most useful Women’s Studies databases. You’ll find the best bets such as Academic Search Premier for articles, Films on Demand and Kanopy for films, Issues and Controversies and Opposing Viewpoints in Context for controversial topics, and Sources in U.S. History for primary documents.

Look for displays on women related topics in our campus libraries during the month of March and be sure to Ask a Librarian if you need any assistance on your women related research.

Suggested websites for Women’s History Month collections: