Faculty Workshops: Join Us During Convocation!

Several faculty members from CSN Libraries will be presenting at spring convocation workshops during the week of January 13. Please join us! Log in to your CAPE account to register for any of these workshops:

Wed., Jan. 15, 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. at Charleston Campus, room C-115  

Are You Open to Open? Different Perspectives on the Impact of Student Success Using OER Gracie McDonough (Instruction & Reference Librarian) and Paula Michniewicz

In a panel format, the session will ask questions of both students and faculty who have used OER books in their classes. Examples of questions to be asked of the students will include the cost comparison of books in a class with a traditional textbook publisher and how engaged the students felt in the class with OER materials. The faculty will be asked questions like how using OER materials is different from a regular textbook, how they chose their materials and the ease of use of the materials.

Thurs., Jan. 16, 2:15 p.m. to 4 p.m. at North Las Vegas Campus, room H-211 

Professional Advancement at CSN

Susan Gregg (Instruction & Reference Librarian) and Stephanie Villamor (Elearning Librarian)

This workshop is designed for full-time tenure-track faculty, currently in grades 1-4, who wish to advance to a higher grade on the salary schedule. The Professional Advancement program provides an opportunity for these CSN faculty members to increase earnings by completing advanced degrees, graduate level coursework and/or occupationally related course work.

Thurs., Jan. 16, 2:15 p.m. to 4 p.m. at North Las Vegas Campus, room H-207    

Getting to Green Part 2: Addressing PowerPoint and PDF Concerns in Your Canvas Course Emily King (Systems Librarian) and Paula Michniewicz

This semester is Phase 2 of using Ally in Canvas. Last semester we focused on getting your Word and image files to green with Ally. This semester we would like you to focus on your PowerPoint and PDF files. This session will introduce you to the existing and new resources available to you to make your course accessible, highlight how to fix some common accessibility errors in PowerPoint and PDF documents, and help you create a game plan for fixing your content. After this session you will be on your way to going accessibility green in all your Canvas and online courses.

Fri., Jan. 17, 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Charleston Campus, room I-108

Fourth Annual Mentoring Symposium (all new content)

Gillian Silver-Rodis, Maria Schellhase, Natalie Nelson, Michele Howser, Michelle Chan, Vartouhi Asherian, Charlene Gibson, Jason Green (Elearning Librarian), Emily King (Systems Librarian), Stephanie Villamor (Elearning Librarian) and Nancy Webb  

This popular half-day event returns for its fourth consecutive year. Presented by the CSN Mentoring and Coaching Initiative, its strategic intention is to provide the CSN community with information on mentoring, coaching, professional growth planning. This year, a special component includes the official launch of the CSN Leadership Academy. The Mentoring Symposium is open to all adjunct/full-time/administrative faculty and classified team members. Content will include information on the pertinence of mentoring; enriching online and hybrid pedagogy; documenting performance success; mentoring toward research proficiency; civility, communication and building positive organizational culture.