Return of the Love Dogs!

Love Dogs

With midterm projects over and final exams looming, who can resist a break from stress to see a friendly face? Especially if that face contains the irresistible smile of a wonderful dog? That’s right, it’s the time of year when CSN Libraries goes to the dogs, bringing back therapy animals and volunteers from the local “Love Dog Adventures” organization. Between 12pm and 2pm on a designated day for each campus, you have the chance to pet, hold, and love our canine visitors that are here to help you relax! Dates and campus information can be found below:

Tuesday, April 10 at the North Las Vegas Campus Library

Thursday, April 24 at the Henderson Campus Library

Wednesday, April 25 at the Charleston Campus Library

Please note: Our therapy dogs are fully trained, licensed, and insured under the national therapy organization for Animal-Assisted Interventions: Pet Partners. Due to insurance restrictions, no outside dogs are allowed at Love Dog events.


For questions, contact eLearning Librarian Stephanie Espinoza Villamor. We hope to see you there!